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fort greene and clinton hill, brooklyn

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  • Fort Greene Park Brooklyn, NY - Fort Greene
    Fort Greene park is DEAD during winter months. Couldn't off-leash for dogs be extended beyond 9am during winter? Maybe to 10am?
  • 380 Washington Ave New York, NY 11238 - Fort Greene
    Glass on the ground is dangerous, because if someone steps on it they may hurt their feet.
  • 409-449 Vanderbilt Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Fort Greene
    A number of deep potholes (6" +) on Vanderbilt between Gates and Greene force bikers to veer into traffic to avoid severe tire damage. Especially dangerous because, while Vanderbilt's bike lane ends at Atlantic, many bikers continue on the road after it ends.
  • 11a Somers Street - Fort Greene
    I am unable to contact the person who owns this building. My 2 children and i and cold. The nights are the worse. There is no heat and very little hot water. Contacting HPD has not warranted any actions.
  • Broken step Archived
    273-279 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Fort Greene
    The northeast entry to the G train on Washington & Lafayette has a loose steel lip on the top step. It's about to come off.
  • 203 Washington Avenue Broken, NY - Fort Greene
    unsafe sidewalk
  • 25 Lefferts Pl Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Fort Greene
    City needs to enforce that the landlord board his abandoned building's windows. 29 lefferts place
  • 395 Washington Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Fort Greene
    Building was repeatedly without heat for spans of several hours during the night (or day, or both) between late November and early January during the coldest days. When heat was working, carbon monoxide alarms in apartments were repeatedly triggered. Almost no communication with tenants about plans for repair. Dates for repair promised then passed without progress. Left with the impression that the management company was relying on cheaper handyman service rather than qualified heating specialists to handle a serious problem in the boiler/chimney system.
  • 411 Westchester Avenue Portchester ny 10573 - Fort Greene
    Sometimes the boards are like warm sometimes they're cold. Super does nothing and doen't acknowledge any calls or work orders regarding the heat problem.
  • 122 Ashland Pl Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA - Fort Greene
    The trash shoot handle is not present on the trash shoot.this is was reported to the new York city housing and can lead to danger..problem was never resolved.
  • 201 Washington Avenue Brooklyn, NY - Fort Greene
    Broken and raised concrete on sidewalk
  • 199 Washington Avenue Brooklyn, NY - Fort Greene
    Broken and dangerous sidewalk