Ogden Metro

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Ogden Metro is All of Box Elder, Davis, Morgan, and Weber Counties. Map area is not exact but a rough watch for The Ogden Metropolitan Area.

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    Interstate 84 Ogden, Utah - Weber County
    There is a rapid merge from South 89 onto I-84 East. The curve inclines so it is difficult to see what lane oncoming traffic is in. Also there are no signs on I-84 indicating the rapid merge to warn East going traffic. It is dangerous and has caused accidents in the past. Please look into this.
  • 1324-1430 West Hill Field Road Layton, Utah - Layton
    Semi-truck parking on both sides of the road between Marshall Way and McCormick Way is causing a limited visibility traffic hazard for motorists entering the roadway, particularly for those leaving businesses on the south side of the road.
  • Camera Outage Archived
    946 Ogden Canyon Ogden, UT 84401, USA - Weber County
    In this valley we rely on the few cameras we have and because we are a mountain town, we get more snow than the city. Being able to see the roads is so important to know if they are clear for travel. please fix this as soon as possible. thank you
  • 2434 N Washington Rd Blvd North Ogden , Utah - North Ogden
    The interaction between smiths and Walgreens going east to west has left turn and straight lane together and right turn in it's own lane. This light is a mess and holds up traffic with people guessing if you're going left or straight. Most intersections have right turn and straight together. People turning left on opposite side hold up the line if everyone else wants to go straight.
  • 2700 West 5600 South Roy, Utah - Roy
    Requesting new or updated traffic cameras/sensors.
    I've lived on 2700 West for 11 years now and the light has always been awful to cross or turn onto 5600 South. I will sit up to 2 minutes, sometimes longer for the light to turn green. Many times, there is little to no traffic on 5600 South. I have heard the same complaint from many other neighbors, family and friends for years. I thought if it drives us all crazy, we might as well try to do something about it. So that is why I am contacting you. Please consider updating/reinstalling new traffic cameras on this intersection to accomodate the traffic.
  • 351–399 E 550 S Kaysville 84037, United States - Kaysville
    We sat at the light to turn left on Main Street (north bound)Kaysville for about 10 minutes with out a green light. It took a passenger getting out and pressing the pedestrians button to get a green light.
  • Calls Fort Road Brigham City, Utah - Honeyville
    The 6" to 8" pot hole hole and long ruts in this part of i-15 both north and south bound are going to kill someone!! If it has not allready. I went thru there yesterday nad had to use part of both lanes to avcoid being sucked into the ruts. You really need to do something besides JUST putting out some rough road signs.!!!
  • Interstate 84 Ogden, Utah - Weber County
    On the second brifge coming down lower Weber Canyon I-84 westbound adjacent Devils Gate, the second bridge, road is in very bad condition and I almost bottomed out. This did damage to my suspension. This needs to be fixed BEFORE THE LEGACY HIGHWAY WORK that you are now doing as it is a dangerous situation!!!! Who sets priorities?????
  • Exit 338 (5600 Roy) Hill Afb Weber, Utah - Roy
    Traffic backup at 0600-0800 every morning on southbound I-15 & Frontage road out of Riverdale very dangerous. Hill Security Forces discontinued a third entrance lane two weeks ago and it has caused a back up & is very dangerous in the morning commute. Maybe UDOT can convince Hill AFB to re-open third entrance lane?
  • I-15 Between Tremonton And Brigham City Box Elder , Utah - Box Elder County
    You're obviously aware of the issue. Signs that read "rough road" are a laughable understatement. Semis swerving every 100 feet is a big dangerous when I'm navigating the same horrible conditions with 4 kids in the car.
  • Rough Road Archived
    597 West Riverdale Road Ogden, Utah - Riverdale
    Two weeks ago Udot fixed the bridge joint bump problem for the westbound traffic now it's more smooth and great but we have a another problem for the East bound traffic in the left lane. When you crossover the river from Eastbound the bridge joint has a bad bump too as also can you look in to this because my car gets a bad bump and I don't want my car to get damaged.
  • I 84 UT 84405, United States of America - Weber County

    This is going to get someone hurt or killed. The west bound from 89 entry ramp is way too short and needs attention immediately!
    I recently was entering 84 and 2 semis were side by side
    I did not see them in my mirror and when I turned to look it was almost too late.

    This needs to be a longer entry ramp!
    I don't know how this was constructed in the first place!!!!

    I drive this weekly and I now know about it what If I had no idea and was killed.
    I believe that UDOT would be seriously liable!!!