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A Watch area to make living in Bedford, OH even better.

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  • 301-349 Forbes Rd Bedford, OH 44146, USA - Bedford
    At the exit ramp from 271S and Broadway/Forbes. There is a no right on red as well as You MUST wait for right turn arrow. You can't even turn with a green light! What?! There is no reason for this!
  • 22646 Sr-14 Bedford, OH 44146, USA - Bedford
    On northbound Broadway at Forbes, the left lane is for both left turns and vehicles going straight, the right lane for only going straight. The turn arrow is at the beginning of the light sequence. The road narrows to a single lane not far ahead. Cars from the left lane which are going straight end up racing the right lane traffic to the narrowing, and cars which were going to turn can be stuck waiting a whole cycle. Making this lane "left turn only" would make infinitely more sense.