Nashville Metro Police

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Watching issues created after: 2010-03-08

Neighbors of Cain Ridge, Home Owners of this area.
Watching for dumping and speeders, drunk drivers, dropping off of stray animals. Litering.

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  • 546 Bluehole Road Antioch, TN - Antioch
    Yorky type dog kept in a tiny pen for years & no one can help the poor thing. Dirty & alone, he eats, sleeps and everything else in a tiny area. Can't get close enough for a photo. Can barely see him from the road.
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  • Stephens Ridge Way cane Ridge, TN - Cane Ridge
    too many cars parked along both sides of street leave barely enough room for one car to get through on side streets of Hidden Creek subdivision; also along Morning Dr, Daybreak Dr, and Sundown Dr. Difficult for emergency vehicles to get through, and dangerous for children with all the cars and curves blocking views.
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  • Old Hickory Blvd Cane Ridge, TN - Cane Ridge
    Mattress is on edge of road, sticking out in traffic lane, slightly north of intersection of Barnes Rd and Old Hickory Blvd in Cane Ridge.
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  • Bell Rd. @ Blue Hole antioch, TN - Antioch
    At Blue Hole and Bell Rd. at the light, people cross over in the mornings in the right turn only lane and try to run ahead of traffic almost causing wrecks some mornings. They also keep people from turning right onto bell if they are stopped there.
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  • Street Lights Archived
    157 Blackpool Drive Antioch, Tennessee - Cane Ridge
    How can we get street lights? I was told the community would have to pay for street lights, we do live in Antioch however we pay Davidson County taxes. We have children in our community walking to and from the bus stops and it's really dark and dangerous. I have emailed my city council person and today I left a message because I haven't heard back from him in over 60 days with some type of explanation or next steps. Who can we get to have someone take a look at this lighting issue?
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  • Green Trails Drive At Green Timbers Drive Antioch, Tennessee - Cane Ridge

    The Street light on Green Trails Drive at Green Timbers Drive does not stay on at is on for a while, and then off.

    In addition, the street light to the LEFT of this pole has not worked in over a year and a half...It leaves the street very dark at night and unsafe at night.

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  • Green Timbers Drive At Green Trails Drive Antioch, TN - Cane Ridge

    The Street sign at Green Timbers @ Green Trails (top of the hill on same The Street signs at the intersection of Green Timbers Drive and Green Trails Drive is extremely bent, and on the verge of falling off.

    The pole is is erect and seems, solid, but the signs are severely bent.

    All that is needed is for another severe storm come through, and it could easily go flying through a household window or car windshield, or off and hit someone.


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  • Old Hickory Boulevard At Green Timbers Drive antioch, TN - Cane Ridge

    The green street sign, marking the Green Timbers Drive off of OHB, has been down for at least the last two weeks.

    The pole is still erect, and the street signs are on the ground leaning up against the pole.

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  • 5419 Hickory Park Drive ANTIOCH, TN - Antioch
    Tractor trailer parked in residential area
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  • 5419 Hickory Park Dr. Antioch, TN - Antioch
    Tractor trailer parked in residential area
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  • 3168 Hidden Creek Dr ANTIOCH, Tennessee - Cane Ridge
    Raised pavement causing a pot hole on Barnes Road at the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd
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  • 14236 Old Hickory Blvd. - Cane Ridge
    Speeding is outragious on Old Hickory Blvd. Pettus Rd. Cane ridge. Could we please have more patrols out in this area?
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