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  • E Cary St Between 5th And 7th Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    There is a utility pipe located on E Cary between 5th & 7th (near the Dominion construction) which is coming out of the road and is exposed for vehicle tires to get punctured. This poses a safety concern.
  • 2 North 6th Street Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    Manhole and storm drain completely deteriorating near heavily trafficked pedestrian walkway. Only a matter of time before this caves in on someone and there's a lawsuit. It crumbles and caves in a little when you step on it, cones needed immediately at the very least.
  • 400 East Cary Street Richmond, VA - City Center
    When is this going to be fixed? It's dangerous.
  • Potholes Archived
    Cary St And 6th St Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    Pipe jutting out of pavement on Cary St between 6th and 7th Streets.
  • 502 E. Franklin St. Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    Street light is on, but its cover is dangling loose like it might fall on someone.
  • 200-262 North 7th Street Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    Light out on left side of 7th
  • 101 North Fifth St. Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    The alley running east-west between 5-6th Street, Franklin & Grace, is full of abandoned furniture.
  • Fallen limbs Acknowledged
    5th&Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    There are fallen tree limbs from the storm blocking the sidewalk next to the 4th&Broad st parking lot.
  • 500-512 E Main St Richmond, VA 23219, USA - City Center
    Street light blinking on and off directly across the street from 505A Main street
  • 263-299 East Clay Street Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    People keep dumping trash behind building. As a newly established restraunt in Richmond we can't have that due to it brings rodents. Can you please take care of this asap.
  • 508-598 East Cary Street Richmond Virginia - City Center
    The crosswalk signal is out for pedestrians waiting to cross from the SW corner to the NW corner of 6th & Cary. Since the sidewalk on the north side of this block of Cary will be closed for 3 weeks, and the sidewalk on the south side of Cary on the next block east is closed for 3 years, pedestrians walking down Cary Street will be required to use this crosswalk in this direction. Pedestrians on the SW corner cannot see the traffic light without stepping out into traffic. (There's no light on the other side because 6th Street is one-way southbound.) There is a significant safety risk that could be reduced by replacing the bulbs in this crosswalk signal.
  • Other Archived
    Marshall St And 6th St Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    The marshall St sign is hanging vertically and not horizontally at the intersection of 6th and Marshal St