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  • El Camino Overpass Sacramento - Arden-Arcade
    Homeless lady living on bridge of 80 freeway overpass for months. Attached tent to rail and dumping trash and urinating in public on regular basis. Often shouts at oncoming traffic.
  • 3405 Balmoral Dr Sacramento, CA 95821, USA - Arden-Arcade
  • 3706-3708 Marconi Ave Sacramento, CA 95821, USA - Arden-Arcade
    This dog cries all night and into the day. It has cuts on its ears where flies have attached themselves. It hangs out close to where our fences meet because we are nice to it. I have never seen anyone outside with it. Please help Or investigate please. It breaks my heart.
  • Other Archived
    2548 Catalina Dr Sacramento, CA 95821, USA - Arden-Arcade
    At 6:30 am on on Thursday, I saw 3 disheveled people on bikes ride slowly down the street and enter this location through the back gate. This house is well known for its "issue". I have seen transient/addict looking people enter this house through the back gate at odd hours many times over the last year. I had never seen these particular individuals before, so they weren't the owners of the multiple raggedy vehicles that line the street in front of the house (grey truck, blue truck, blue van and gold sedan-all of which remain parked for more than the permitted 36 hours of street parking. They eventually get told to scram, and they do, but come back a day or two later; so further complaints seem pointless but it's hard to stop myself). So now, not only do we have the usual junky cars attached to this house littering the street, we have several new bike riders coming in and out at all hours, and they are here for very obvious reasons. County officials-please put a stop to this blight on our otherwise cute, family friendly street. This isn't something new, you know what's going on here and you are the only ones who have the power to make our street safe and clean again.
  • Code violations Acknowledged
    3340 El Camino Avenue Sacramento, California - Arden-Arcade
    Guy selling/giving away cellphones on county proprty. No business license or permit.
  • Code violations Acknowledged
    3400 Balmoral Dr Sacramento, CA 95821, USA - Arden-Arcade
  • Illegal dumping Acknowledged
    1320 Fulton Ave Sacramento, CA 95825, USA - Arden-Arcade
  • 2561 Louisiana Street Sacramento, California - Arden-Arcade
    Non-operable vehicle parked on lawn. Vehicle is under tarp. Also a small utility trailer parked on lawn
  • 3609 Alberta Avenue Sacramento, California - Arden-Arcade
    Yard parked vehicles
  • Graffiti Archived
    3400 Balmoral Dr Sacramento, CA 95821, USA - Arden-Arcade
  • 2648 Watt Ave Sacramento, CA 95821, USA - Arden-Arcade
    Homeless camp and panhandling behind and in front the Starbucks at Watt ave and Kings 95821
  • 2215 Burney Way Sacramento, California - Arden-Arcade
    This street is becoming a speed way from people coming off Howe heading towards Bell Street bypassing the congested flow of traffic. The issue is the high rate of speed that these drivers are going. I almost got hit by a driver going 40 plus miles. Can we get speed bumps or humps put in to slow down these careless drivers?