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If you see a pothole report it! Everblak pothole filling service.

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  • Pothole Open
    7 Monroe Ave Brockport, NY 14420 - Brockport
    Monstrous pothole on the corner of Monroe and Main. Nearly takes my tires off if you don't swerve out far enough.
  • Huge Bump Archived
    10 Brockway Pl Brockport, NY 14420 - Brockport
    The bump when you go from Main to Brockway is dangerous...I always hit my head on the top of my car when I go over it.
  • 5301-5399 Sunflower Dr Canandaigua, NY 14424, USA - Ontario County
    There is a distinct odor of fecal particulites in the air. They offend my nostrals and those of my children.
  • Potholes Archived
    4415 Culver Rd Rochester, NY, 14622, USA - Continental US
    From culver turning onto Emily St and all the way through to Bayton Dr there are numerous potholes. Not only is this a congested area for autos the potholes provide more of a nuisance with vehicles trying ot avoid them. Help !
  • 33 Anytrell Webster, NY 14580, USA - Penfield
    A huge hole has formed in the street by the drain grate at 33 Anytrell Drive. It could easily catch a runner's foot or perhaps collapse under significant weight
  • 1230 University Ave Rochester, NY 14607, USA - Upper Falls
    Found firewood for sale in PriceRite supermarket. Could not find the origin, worried about Emerald Ash Borer issue.
  • 226 Haviland Park Greece, NY - Continental US
    The street light outside my house is out.
  • Smith St Brockport, NY - Brockport
    Smith St. bridge has been out for over two years. Get on with the fixing.
  • New Campus Dr Brockport, NY - Brockport
    Almost every sidewalk on campus is falling apart. There are cracks and holes everywhere. This doesn't help with the drainage issue either!
  • 1000 Mount Hope Ave Rochester, NY 14620 - Strong
    there are multiple potholes in the right lane heading south toward hennrietta. They are unavoidable due to traffic in other lances
  • 868-894 Monroe Ave Rochester, NY 14620, USA - Rochester
    The majority of the ramp from Monroe Ave onto I-490 East is so covered in pot holes that it is impossible to avoid them. The best you can do is hit the smaller pot holes to avoid largest potholes that would damage your vehicle. This has gotten significantly worse over the winter.
  • 264 Pinegrove Ave Rochester, NY, 14617, USA - Irondequoit
    Three weeks ago a road crew removed sections of the street on Pinegrove Ave and List Ave. List Avenue has been repaired but Pinegrove is not. There are major road hazards and no cones showing them. This is going to cause an accident or serious vehicular damage if it is not repaired or at least marked.