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  • Long Hill Avenue & Constitution Blvd Shelton, CT - Shelton
    We need a Jersey Barrier at the end of Long Hill Ave and Constitution Blvd. The speeders that fly down this road is unbelievable. This is a residential area I have personally had cars follow me home from Bpt Ave up Long Hill cross Rd and all the way down Long Hill Ave just to beat the lights on Bpt Ave. Put a Jersey Barrier at the end of Long Hill And let the trafffic on Long Hill cross Road Take Bpt Ave. Isn't this what our wonderful mayor wanted more traffic on Bpt Ave. Keep these Cars off of our back roads. My neighbor who is elderly is afraid to cross the road to get her mail and the postmaster won't let us move her mailbox so that it is more accessable and less dangerous to her he said it would be a danger to the mail man.