CAP - City Action Partnership

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CAP provides supplemental services to the downtown Birmingham area. We do patrols to help Birmingham Police keep an eye on safety issues but we are not a replacement for BPD. Please notify them of all emergencies. We are an extra set of eyes and ears for them.

We also do motorist assistance, helping with locked cars, dead batteries, flat tires, and things like that.

We handle some light sanitation services as well by picking up loose trash and removing graffiti.

ALL of our services are FREE

Notified About

  • 1762-1798 1st Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233, USA - Birmingham
    ADA truncated dome pad is cracked and has holes. NW corner of 18th and 1st ave S at railroad park.
  • 2-36 22nd St N Birmingham, AL 35203, USA - Birmingham
    Under the 22nd Street bridge just South of the railroad tracks, large amounts of trash caught at the fence line. This is in the City's ROW of the bridge. Creates flooding problems if it ever rains again.
  • 1901 Powell Ave S Birmingham 35233, United States - Birmingham
    Graffiti on wall of Alabama power substation. On Powell facing East. Visible from 20th St S
  • 1901-1999 Powell Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233, USA - Birmingham
    Left side signal on S bound 20 th st S. Red is out. Yellow and green work.
  • 15 20th Street South Birmingham, Alabama - Birmingham
    Pole was tagged with an extra bonus 4-letter greeting too.
  • Water Leak Archived
    2018 1st Ave N Birmingham, AL 35203, USA - Birmingham
    Water is running up through cracks in the asphalt. Seems there is a water line broken and this is the third one in this area in the last month. This leak needs immediate attention.
  • 2198 1st Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35222, United States of America - Birmingham
    One of the indicators for low clearance over the road is down. Near entrance to rotary trail at 22nd and 1st ave south. The striped pole and plastic delineator are in the curb by the post holding the indicators.
  • 11 20th St N Birmingham, AL, 35203, USA - Birmingham

    Hi there! Huntsville resident here but an active user of SCF. Glad I could get this issue reported here and hopefully addressed so no one else encounters this pothole.

    Per dashcam photo & location, this pothole is just underneath the 1st Ave traffic sign on 20th St going south. Pothole was run over and triggered the G-sensor (high-impact/friction center on the dashcam)

  • 2098 1st Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35222, United States of America - Birmingham
    Under the Richard Arrington Bridge on 1st Ave S. Electrical box that controls the low clearance sign had the cover ripped off. Needs some sheet metal screws or something.
  • 112-198 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N Birmingham, AL 35203, USA - Birmingham
    Saw this a week or so ago and still happening. In a parking space, but steady flow out of pavement.
  • 2-48 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd S Birmingham, AL 35233, USA - Birmingham
    East side of Richard Arrington Bridge last 1st Ave South--metal plate over expansion joint in Bridge has come loose. 3" to 4" gap in sidewalk exposed. Will need concrete anchors or other fasteners
  • 2000-2098 1st Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama - Birmingham
    There is a traffic barrel that is lonely and abandoned under the Richard Arrington bridge over 1st Ave S. The weight ring for this barrel looks to be up on Richard Arrington at the stairwell to the Rotary Trail. Thanks for the help!