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  • 1103 Birch Street Boonton, NJ 07005, USA - Boonton

    Highland Avenue has become the short-cut to avoid Boonton Avenue. In addition to this road being a very heavily traveled local road, speeding has made this road more dangerous.

    One particular cross section, Highland Avenue and Birch Street, is navigated regularly by school children making their way to Our Lady of Mt Carmel or to School Street School. Vehicles traveling on Highland not only exceed the speed limit, but do not stop for these children crossing the road.

    A 4-way stop sign would be ideal, but at the least speed humps would slow drivers down.

  • 190-200 Wootton St Boonton, NJ 07005, USA - Boonton
    From Wal-mart, where there is a sign directing drivers to I-287, when approching Main St, there is no sign directing to leeft of right. Straight ahead leads to Fireman's home. How to get to 287?
  • 330 Myrtle Ave - Boonton
    330 Myrtle Avenue, the abandoned factory adjacent to the Lofts on Lafayette, is completely blighted. It is and eye sore, is bringing down property values, and is leading to many car thefts as well as grafitti.
  • 87 Park Ave Boonton, Nj - Boonton
    Elderly man 85 with heart condition and diabetes needs help shoveling driveway sidewalk stairs of house.
    Willing to pay
  • 71 Dawson Ave - Boonton
    what can be done about people driving north on 41a turning into all gates that just keep going after the arrow turns red. I have seen as many as 10 cars continue thru the red light. The same thing attiny town road, they just keep right on going thru the red arrow. If they don't thru the red arrow at tiny town rd, they will go thru the light and make a u turn so they can go back to tiny town rd. This has to stop, i don't know what to do except put patrol cars there, but something needs to be done, it is a safety issue Thanks for your help
  • 149 Reserve St Boonton, NJ 07005, USA - Boonton
    There has been an abandoned car on the street for 1 month. Snow plows are not able to clear the road properly and garbage removal is interupted. Local police are aware of the problem, and are have done nothing about it
  • Mary Avenue denville, New Jersey - Boonton
    Denville Police do not patrol Mary Ave. This has been confirmed by conversations with every resident.