Borough of Cliffside Park

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  • Pothole Archived
    570-598 Kearney Ave Cliffside Park, NJ 07010, USA - Cliffside Park
    Monster pothole on left side of road as you make turn onto Kearney from Gorge Road.
  • 430-436 Lafayette Avenue Cliffside Park, New Jersey - Cliffside Park
    Lafayette Ave total mess between West end ave & anderson. There are pot holes everywhere and they have not been addressed in over 2 years.
  • large pothole Archived
    429-430 Nelson Ave Cliffside Park, NJ - Cliffside Park
    large pothole on Nelson Ave between 429 & 430 Nelson Avenue between Grove & Glen Avenues
  • 231 Lincoln Ave Cliffside Park Nj 07010 United States - Cliffside Park
  • (potholes) Archived
    Railroad Ave Cliffside Park NJ 07010, USA - Cliffside Park
    As your driving onto railroad ave in cliffside park near Pomoro's restaurant there are a few pot holes there.
  • 264 Van Horne Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Cliffside Park
    All around my childrens school the streets are gross a bunch of snow and ice. The buses have nowhere to drop the children off. We have alot of autistic children on buses and teachers and aides trying to get the children off of the buses and into the building. I have also been speaking to other parents who have children in other schools and it seems to be an issue around the schools! The safety of our children should be first and the streets surrounding the school should be free and cleared of ice.
  • 246 Franklin Avenue Cliffside Park, New Jersey - Cliffside Park
    2nd post - no response to first. When are you going to pave Franklin Avenue? The road is horrible. Lots of rough road, bumps, cracks, potholes. Lafayette and Wayne Avenue were paved, as was Railroad Avenue but Franklin was forgotten about. IT NEEDS TO BE PAVED!!! What is the deal with this? Why are you skipping this street?
  • 246 Franklin Avenue Cliffside Park/Bergen County, New Jersey - Cliffside Park
    When are you going to pave Franklin Avenue. There are potholes, lots of bumps and cracks, it looks like the pavement is going to give way The streets on either side of us were paved, but you forgot Franklin. IT NEEDS PAVING.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    246 Franklin Avenue Cliffside Park, USA - Cliffside Park
    Called a couple of days ago
    regarding fixing pothole on this
    street. So far nothing has been done.
  • Palisade Avenue And Columbia Street Cliffside Park, NJ - Cliffside Park
    The light changes to red way to barely have a chance to get across the street.
  • 66 Grant Ave Cliffside Park, NJ, 07010, USA - Cliffside Park


    Hope all is good! I want to bring up a concern for my street area. Cars are going fast on this street once they turn from Palisade ave - my concern is becoming very serious with kids playing here and cars are flying! Please consider to install a safety speed bump here in order for cars to slow down and kids be safer than before! This is a dead end street and a lot of our kids play on the street. We are always watching them but it is necessary to have all measures taken. There used to be a bump before but I am not sure what happened and it was removed. Also, there is no night street post light from Palisade corner almost to the middle of Grant ave. We need the street to be lighted to avoid suspicious behavior during the night. Please if this issues can be taken in consideration it will be greatly appreciated as it will serve to everyone and will keep our kids safe. Thank you very much!

  • Nelson Ave Cliffside Park, NJ 07010, USA - Cliffside Park
    2 potholes in the middle of the block between Bergen Blvd & Grove St.. 1 pothole at corner of Nelson Ave & Grove St near the stop sign.