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  • Pot Hole Archived
    Pulis Ave Franklin lakes, NJ - Franklin Lakes
    Going East on Pulis Ave near the boarder of Mahwah across from the pond there is a patch of road way that is chewed up with many pot holes. There is one especially large hole that I drove into on 3/30. It put a whole in my right front tire.
  • 501-733 State Highway 208 Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, USA - Franklin Lakes
  • 790-804 Mccoy Rd Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, USA - Franklin Lakes
    The intersection of mcoy and colonial is a hazard and has been for years, there is not enough notice of people coming over the hill on colonial. Any person turning off or on to mccoy is put in a great deal of danger. There must be something done about this!
  • 1 Bender Ct. - Franklin Lakes
    firehouse is located on bender ct