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  • Edgewater Blvd & Sea Spray Ln Foster City, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City
    The left turn signal from Edgewater Blvd to Metro Center Blvd is not working properly. The sensor is not detecting cars in the second lane
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    1040 E Hillsdale Blvd Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
    The new bike lane has a huge arrow in the far right lane pointing toward the middle lane to indicate the right lane is only for right turns. On two occasions while in the middle lane, I have almost been hit by cars following the arrow without slowing or signaling a lane change. Some seem to think that following the arrow requires no signal or looking to check for cars in the middle lane. It is a hazard.
  • Metro Center Boulevard Foster City, California - Foster City
    The right turn lane on Triton Dr going onto Foster City Blvd needs to be clarified as a RIGHT TURN ONLY lane. Many drivers do not realize this and go straight. Not only is this an inconvenience for drivers wanting to make a right turn on a red light, but it is also a safety concern as the adjacent lane also has the ability to make a right turn. I witnessed a car in the right lane going straight while another car in the adjacent lane turned right which almost caused an accident. I believe painting another right turn sign on the street closer to the McDonalds entrance/exit would greatly remedy this.
  • 759 Neptune Ln Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
    Since the implementation of the no left turns at Edgewater Blvd from eastbound Hillsdale Ave, the amount of cut through traffic has significantly increased on eastbound Altair Ave. This is from both residents turning right onto Edgewater and non-residents turning left onto Edgewater. The problem is that the speed at which said cars are coming down the street is excessive and most cars are not stopping or barely slowing down at the Stop signs at Polaris and, especially, at Rigel Ln/Leo Dr. It has become very hazardous for local residents around this area from 4-7 on the weekdays. My neighbors and I have all nearly been struck coming and going from our lanes. I would really like to see an increased police presence to cite and deter this reckless behavior. Thank you.
  • 37.55533 -122.27945 - Foster City
    The right hand left turn lane from Edgewater nto Metro Blvd doesn't trigger light to change Same problem that was supposedly fixed
  • 1077–1093 Beach Park Blvd Foster City CA 94404, United States - Foster City

    We just walked on the new levee It is fantastic, you have done a great job

    Having said that, the pedestrian signage provides conflicting and non-intuitive information:

    1: the yellow sign post indicates that pedestrians and bikes share the same space and bikes should pass on the left. This contradicts the markings on the black top which has Pedestrians and bikes separated

    2. The signage on the ground has Pedestrians walking on the left of each other This is different from everywhere else in America We always walk on the right It is not intuitive to walk on the left and we experienced this as we approached numerous folks coming in the opposite direction head-on They were walking on the right and we , following the signs, on the left Also in this case, keeping pedestrians on the right will be safer because the pedestrian heading south (closest to the bike lane) will be able to see oncoming bikes and make sure that they, or their dog or child is keeping out of the bikes path

  • Altair Ave & Edgewater Blvd San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City
    Since the no left turn rule, I have repeatedly seen cars blocking lanes and sitting in the median area waiting for traffic to pass. Both of these things have caused huge hazards. I have almost been in accidents multiple times, because I have to suddenly change lanes to avoid hitting these cars or come to a complete stop. I have never seen a police presence here, and it is badly needed.
  • 20 Coral Ln Foster City, CA, 94404, USA - Marina Lagoon
    Located along rec path on part that fronts Marina Lagoon near the boom where near Coral Lane. It is on the inside of fence toward homes. It has been leaking constantly for weeks.
  • Beach Park Blvd & Edgewater Blvd San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City

    I had posted this issue earlier, but it was closed by the city:

    "Can you please look into changing the timing of the traffic light on the corner of Edgewater and Beach Park? With the construction and only one northbound lane on Edgewater, northbound traffic at this light is starting to get really bad (especially during the morning commute hours). It seems that the northbound Edgewater green light only stays green for a limited amount of time even though there are still cars in line headed north. This causes northbound cars to have to wait at this light for multiple cycles. Due to the construction, traffic would be greatly improved if this northbound light could stay green longer. I don't think the Beach Park cross traffic would suffer that much since there are not nearly as many cars going in this direction. Thank you!"

    This problem still exists and is worse since school started. The line of cars headed north stuck at this light is often 20-25 cars deep (reaching past the Citibank). The northbound green light only lasts long enough for about 8-10 cars to pass due to the fact that there is only one northbound lane. Please, please - is there any way that northbound green can stay green for longer? If not, can you explain why? The traffic in other directions is never more than 3 or 4 cars deep. Thank you.

  • Edgewater Blvd & Metro Center Blvd San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City

    Hello, I work at the Visa office. There's a dangerous left turn on my daily commute - coming South down Edgewater Blvd, turning left onto Metro Center blvd. There's 2 lanes turning left, and it needs lanes painted during the turn. I've almost had people run into me because they take too sharp of a cut. I've also been run into the curb and blew out a rear tire, because I avoid people turning too sharp.

    Recommend to paint turning lane lines to help people keep a safe turning radius.

  • 909 E Hillsdale Blvd San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City
    I was in the left hand turn lane, to turn left at the light at Edgewater and Hillsdale for 4 light cycles. It kept skipping our turn. This happened numerous times and needs to be fixed.
  • 721 Baffin St San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City
    As cars make a right turn from Pitcairn to Baffin along with the parked car at the curve in the road has caused multiple near head-on collisions as cars go over their lane to clear the parked vehicle. There has already been an accident in years past. Recommend that the area where the minivan is parked where the road turns be painted red as a no parking zone. Pedestrians and bikers are also at risk as cars swerve or go over their traffic lane. There is no way that a truck, bus, or large vehicle can stay in their lane and not hit the parked car.