Friends of Shades Creek (TEST)

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Watching issues created after: 2010-03-11

Notified About

  • 1655 Manhattan St Homewood, AL - Homewood
    There is graffiti on the large electrical poles/supports along Manhattan at the edge of Homewood Central Park
  • 3600 Montclair Road Birmingham, Alabama - Birmingham
    There is a bad pothole/sunken section of road all the way across the northbound lane of Montclair Road near where it intersects with Country Club Road. People swerve into the turn lane and oncoming traffic to avoid it. It is especially dangerous to motorcycle riders. It has been reported to Birmingham 311 on multiple occasions and is still not repaired.
  • 1417 Shades Crest Rd Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover
    Limbs/debris pick up
  • 1400 Shades Crest Rd Homewood 35226, United States - Homewood
    Chronic neglect. Eyesore.
  • 1702 Roseland Drive Homewood, AL - Homewood
    A pothole has formed on Roseland Drive. It poses a danger to the walkers and runners especially at night.
  • 1320 Shades Crest Rd Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Homewood
  • 1417 Shades Crest Rd Hoover 35226 United States - Hoover
    Yard overgrown with weeds & untamed privet hedges, two tires in front yard. The tires are bad for breeding mosquitoes as water stands in them from rain. This is a rental house.
  • 1421 Shades Crest Road Birmingham, AL - Hoover
    Miscellaneous construction type materials at curb.
  • 2021 White Way Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover
    Between Shades Crest & Alford, huge pile of construction repair debris mixed with shrub and limbs.
  • 1436 Shades Crest Rd Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover
    Debris left for trash after neighbor moved.
  • 1417 Shades Crest Rd Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover
    Wooden packing crate, bulky limbs
  • 1436 Shades Crest Rd - Hoover