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  • Environmental Archived
    809 Fairwood Forest Drive Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater


    This duck lives at this lake and has been frequently seen at where the pin in the map is.

    But it also will walk up to Fairwood Ave at times.

    Neighbors were comparing notes last night and there has been 3 attacks, that we know of, in the past week or two.

    No babies involved. The attacks were at opposite ends of the lake.

    All events ended with the duck biting on legs and then following the victims as they try to go in their homes for safety.

    This duck has a bite that is similar to a crab claw.
    It will not let go of your leg even after you are kicking it.

    Neighbors have tried to fight it off with brooms, kicks, whipping it with leashes.

    It has been known to run up behind you and attack.

    Would Pinellas like to get rid of this duck or should the neighbors do it the old fashion way?

  • 530 Fairwood Ave Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    No one is taking responsible for maintaining these weeds.

    As you can see from the pic, it has now grown over the sidewalk.

    This pic is on the West Side of Fairwood Ave (across from the retirement center) and at the property edge for Park Place Apt.

    Thank you.

  • 1301 Fairwood Avenue Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    As you can see in the picture this house seems to be vacant and no one is taking care of the loan. Thank you.
  • Fairwood Ave. Clearwater - Clearwater

    The sidewalk between fairwood forest Dr & park place apartments is over growing onto sidewalk. Will be difficult to pass soon.

    Please check the corner ROW at FF Dr. &
    Fairwood ave.

    It's too many weeds to walk right next to since it's a good place for larger critters to hide.

  • 129 E. Virginia Ln. Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    Carpet padding and other debris has been dumped in front of 129 E. Virginia Ln,, Clearwater , FL by resident after Hurricane Irma. Been out there since September 2017. Since address is in unincorporated Pinellas county, unless it's in a trash can it doesn't get picked up!!
  • Pothole Archived
    Fairwood Forest Drive & Fairwood Lane Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    We have potholes that are new as well as some that have already been patched and are becoming holes again. They are beginning to get bigger and soon will become a hazard.

    Our street, to our knowledge, has never been repaved. Considering the neighborhood was established in 1984 it would be fantastic if we could get the road repaved instead of just continually patching potholes as they appear.

    We are in the process of making improvements for the overall appearance of our community, new sign, lighting, etc., and a freshly paved road would make it all come together.

  • Speed Control Archived
    641 Fairwood Avenue Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    Speed Control Round-Abouts are located on the north end of Fairwood Avenue and they look awesome!

    Are there any plans to install them on the south end by the disc golf parks and Fairwood Forest?

    We constantly see drivers going 10 or more miles over the speed limit. Also, the beautiful peacocks are being ran over as a result of the speeders.

    Thank you.

  • 772 Fairwood Lane Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    This renovation project started in July (to the best of my knowledge). People were in and out at first.

    But we haven't seen anyone in weeks.

    I called Bin There Dump That and politely told JC that their bin had overstayed it's welcome in our neighborhood .

    I explained to JC that it appears the project has been abandoned.

    He looked up the address and said it's been there since July and did not have any updates on it.

    If people were actually working there, it would not be a problem. But the owners created an eyesore with the blue tarp and green bin and then left it. This is what I look at daily from my home office window.

    Thank you for looking into this.

  • 711 Fairwood Lane Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    This post refers to the strip of grass/sidewalk between Fairwood Lane's back yard fences which back up to Fairwood Avenue.

    A few homeowners think it's the responsibility for the homeowner to go behind their fences and mow along Fairwood Ave.

    One property, 711 Fairwood Lane, feels that it's the city's responsibility. IT'S VERY TALL!

    Most of us are not really sure who's responsibility it is and would like for the city to respond.

    Please let us know and I will post it on our community board.

    Thank you.

  • County Parks Archived
    Ream Wilson Trail Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5

    There are limbs and fallen trees blocking a portion of the disc golf path.

    Please ignore the Ream Wilson Trail address.
    It's a path along alligator creek (where I placed the pin).

    This debris has been missed a number of times since it's along a dirt foot path (that is part of the golf course) and can not be seen from the park.

    Also, when they came to dredge the pond next to it, they left a yellow buoy rope that stretches across.

    I don't think it serves a purpose anymore.

  • 2743 Kumquat Dr Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    No running water @ this address but tenants continue to live (squat, house is in foreclosure) on property. Have been seen urinating outside (due to no water). Also there is trash and debris in front yard and backyard is overgrown. Broken fence and rotted wood as well.
  • 703 Fairwood Lane Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    Fairwood Forest Residents are complaining that friends, family (and homeowners at times) can not see our entrance or the Fairwood Forest Sign.

    We are concerned that emergency vehicles will not see it at night either.

    There IS a meter behind the sign that is assigned to 701 Fairwood, but no lights attached to it.

    We do not have an HAO to pay for it.

    Does the city help out neighborhoods in this situation?
    Even if installing some simple solar spot lights for the sign?

    There is a streetlight - but it lights up the street but not the sign.

    FYI, a donation has been collected for us to make cosmetic changes to the sign including painting (which should be completed by the end of October 2016).

    I say this in the event structural changes may be made by the city.

    Thank you,

    Your Friends of Fairwood Forest