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  • 26 Lochearne Street Hamilton, ON - Hamilton
    The crosswalk at Main and Dundurn is treacherous at best. For some reason when the drivers get a solid green, the pedestrians get a walk signal but the cars seem to think the pedestrians are doing something wrong by crossing. I have seen strollers nearly missed, i have been yelled at by drivers because i am crossing WITH a walk symbol. The back of my legs have been clipped by a car. I have been told that it's not just a municipal issue and can't be addressed because of the highway access.
  • 26 Lochearne Street Hamilton, ON - Hamilton
    The crosswalk at King and Dundurn perpetually has people running the lights and using their turn signal and then instead of turning the cars run the lights. Cars start to accelerate long before the crosswalk as there is a highway access about 100 paces away. I have seen people jump out of the way of cars running the lights and no one turning into the Tim Hortons Drive though on Dundurn comes to a full stop. It is a danger to all pedestrians who cross there.
  • Main Street West And University Ave. Hamilton, ON - Hamilton
    This is the Main St.-University Ave entrance to McMaster University. The crosswalks get a lot of pedestrians traffic. The pedestrians are often very hard to see, especially after dusk. There are long, angled, pedestrian crosswalks with cars turning both left and right into the pedestrians. To make this intersection safe, the city should reprogram the stoplights so that cars on both streets (Main St. and University Ave) have red lights at the same time, thereby blocking all vehicular movement while pedestrians can cross in any direction.
  • 44 Hunt Hamilton, ON - Hamilton
    Nicholas Mancini Centre (NMC) located at 44 Hunt Street does not have any bike parking near building or in the large adjacent parking lot.
  • 84 Walnut St S Hamilton, ON L8N 2L3, Canada - Hamilton
    There are two bike-unfriendly sewer grates on Walnut where it goes under the rail bridge between Agusta and Hunter. They are on the East side of the street.
  • Hamilton ON, CANADA - Hamilton
    As a canuck, we'd like to think that we too can gain access to this web app! So..can we?
  • 77 James St N Hamilton, ON L8R, Canada - Hamilton
    There's no where to park a bike near eastern entrance of Jackson Square on James North at King William
  • Pothole Archived
    74-84 Newton Avenue Hamilton, Ontario - Hamilton
    Extremely large pothole in the right eastbound lane. Pothole is as big as an average car tire.
  • Southcote - From Bookjans To Garner Hamilton, Ontario - Hamilton
    The pavement used to fill the recent cuts in Southcote to the new subdivision by Dawn Victoria are sinking. The uneven pavement is quite extreme all the way down this area - so much so that a car going the normal speed limit can get air. It is quite unsafe and may damage a vehicle.
  • Locke And Hunter Hamilton, ON - Hamilton
    There are 3 bike-unfriendly sewe grates at Locke St. South & Hunter. Two are on Hunter (North East side right at Locke and South West side just past Locke). One is on Locke, on the West side, just north of Hunter.
  • 280 Hunter St. West Hamilton, ON - Hamilton
  • 345 James St. N. Hamilton, - Hamilton
    The corner of James North and Murray is very dangerous. There shoulb be a 4-way stop at that corner.