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  • 2902 Vessing Road Pleasant Hill, CA 94523, USA - Pleasant Hill
    When turning from Vessing Road onto Geary Road, the new sidewalk (from Dorthy to Vessing) indents, allowing cars to park on Geary. If there are cars parked there, it is impossible to see oncoming traffic traveling west on Geary from Vessing. This makes turning either way on Geary extremely dangerous. The picture was taken from Vessing in the spot where we are positioned to turn onto Geary. Note that the moving car in the picture would be completely blocked by a parked car. This design flaw needs to be corrected. Cars leaving Vessing Road are already challenged by cars from Creston turning onto Geary without paying attention to us. This makes leaving my neighborhood very dangerous.
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  • 2705 Harvest Lane Antioch, California - Antioch
    Content blocked by rejections
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  • Shuey Avenue Walnut Creek, CA - Walnut Creek
    Poor lighting along Shuey Ave and Almond makes it unsafe for females to walk home from Bart or downtown alone. Other areas have much better lighting. I try not to drive as to not clog up bart/ downtown parking or waste gas but it is unsafe after sun down when I get home from work. :( Uneven side walks with poor lighting makes it even more unsafe.
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  • Contra Costa Canal Trail Walnut Creek, CA 94597, USA - Waldon
    This section of the Contra Costa Canal Trail is full of deep potholes. They either shake up the bikers rather badly, or cause them to cross over to the other side of the trails which frequently leads to close calls, in particular in the curve
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  • 2175 Willow Pass Road Bay Point, California - Concord

    I was at the playground at Todos Santos a week ago and saw a bunch of cockroaches crawling around in the tanbark and up the sides of the granite wall/seating area around the play structure. There were a few large ones and lots of small ones. Some of the kids were even chasing the large cockroaches and poking them with sticks.

    I don't know what brought the cockroaches there, and I shudder to think how many of them might be lurking under the tanbark, but I hope this gets taken care of.

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  • 1567 Botelho Dr Walnut Creek CA 94596, USA - Walnut Creek
    Hi there I reported this around a month ago and now it's back. The leaf blowers and vacuum truck that create loud noise are back. This was in the shopping center area that contains Ross but they were on the non-Ross side. It was 12:50am and the noise was awful. I called the police and reported it but unfortunately they didn't come within the next 15 minutes while that noise continued. I know this had been fixed for a bit of time, but the problem is back.
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  • 1275 South Main St Walnut Creek, California - Walnut Creek
    I have to bring this us even though it's been brought up before. I walk by the old Fresh Choice every day and it's becoming increasingly disgusting. In the old outdoor eating area, in the parking area, and behind the building, there are clearly homeless people living there. There is junk all over, there is food and food containers, and I've seen people sleeping there even at night. I know homelessness is a difficult issue to tackle, but the more junk and food that sits around, the more of a health concern this becomes. It invites rodents, pests, and other creatures to the area. Moreover, I see women, elderly and other people walking around, even at night, and it's dangerous to have vagrants literally living on a corner where people who are at risk could be mugged or assaulted. Walnut Creek is a great city and I love it, but these kinds of issues really need to be dealt with, not only because of how it makes our city look, but more importantly from a public safety standpoint.
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  • Other Acknowledged
    Walnut Creek CA, Walnut Creek, California - Walnut Creek
    Traffic is driving across the iron horse trail without stopping. Paint markings on the ground are faded and it is unclear where vehicles should stop.
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  • 1236 Almondwood Drive Antioch, CA - Antioch
    We have squatters in1236 Almondwood Drive. The water has been shut off twice, now they go around the neighborhood with blue 5 gallon water bottles sneaking and asking for water. There's different people coming and going at all times of the day and night.they have a dog that barks all the time and is allowed to run loose up and down the street. There's at least 8 people at times living in the house which includes kids. This needs to be addressed. If anyone knows where I can look up the property owner, I am more than happy to contact them!
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  • 900 Cheyenne Drive Walnut Creek, California - Walnut Creek
    Intersection only has a 2-way stop on Quiet Place (east & westbound). I've seen many cars speeding on Cheyenne Dr. as it has no stop signs. It does have pedestrian crosswalk, though cars ignore pedestrians since it lack a stop sign. This is a major throughfare for Northgate H.S. students walking home and for children and families trying to connect to the trails either by walking or riding their bikes. I have seen many near misses over the years. Please place a 4-way pedestrian crossing and 4-way stop signs as it was done at Wiget Lane and Quiet Place. Our children and families deserve a safe crossing!
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  • 1460 Creekside Drive Walnut Creek, CA - Walnut Creek

    A business called "Filo's Landscaping' has been commandeering 3-4 parking spaces in a single row everyday for their trucks on our residential street. When one truck moves, they make sure another truck is blocking the space or the employees put their personal vehicles in place to save the spot until the truck returns. I've witnessed them do this dance every morning and afternoon for the past two months. But it's been going on for years (based on neighbor's comments and the fact that when you use "Street View" on Google Earth for this address, their trucks still show up in 2011).

    Parking on Creekside Drive is extremely limited, so much so that you will certainly not find any street parking after 12:00 p.m. These guys take up the same lane with 3 or 4 trucks at a time, all day, every day. I've heard several neighbors complain that they have to pay $10 a night to park in the lodge down the street or else not use their car at all for fear of not having parking when getting back from work.

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  • 256 San Antonio Way Walnut Creek, CA - Walnut Creek
    I will never forgive myself if I didn't report this knowing that the next person tripping over this broken concrete ends up in the hospital.Yesterday I fell face down on the broken concrete and besides bruises and scrapes on my face,swollen knee and sore wrists but nothing broken I consider myself lucky.I hope the city can fix this asap! I also have pictures from other areas within the same block.
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