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  • 1251 S Eastern Ave Moore, OK 73160, USA - Moore
    This is the worst intersection, you have to pray for your life before exiting on to Eastern or turning on SE 12th. There is an Elementary School in this neighborhood, I've seen daycare vans in dangerous situations crossing on coming traffic. Kids crossing the road to get to the gas station. I know many wrecks have occurred here as well. We need a stop light here!
  • 467-499 I-35 Frontage Rd Moore, OK 73160, USA - Moore
    This is at the oncue on 4th steet in Moore. This is where you exit the parking lot to the access road. These are newly planted trees and hinder the view of on coming traffic. These will only get bigger and more dense and obstruct the view of traffic even more. They need to be placed further back from the road.
  • Clean Up Archived
    1345 Ne 20th Pl Moore, OK 73160, USA - Moore
    Trash pickup is on Tuesday. This trash can sits next to the mail box every day. EVERY DAY. Between the trash can always being out, the papers never getting picked up, and the yard that gets mowed once a month, this house is the eyesore of the neighborhood. I know for a fact that at least 2 able bodied people live there and could certainly at least move the trash can and pick up the papers. With a seemingly capable teenage boy that can ride a bike, he can probably also push a mower.
  • Other Archived
    1332 East Hills Drive Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
    Three t-posts at the NE corner of baseball field two are dangerous as adults and children risk impalement. This area is used for a practice area and was reported last season as well.(photo #3). Also, at North entrance to baseball fields, a foot high piece of fence left standing above ground. several folks tripped this weekend but again, impalment could result (photo #2). Finally, also at the North entrance to baseball field is an unsecured piece of chain link top rail. This almost resulted in more than one adult hitting their face on the rail. Severe facial injuries could result (photo #1).
  • Eagle Drive Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
    There are many people in the neighborhood that has a problem with this stop light. The main issue is that the access to telephone road was cut off for the plaza towers neighborhood. So now we are all using this light at 19th and Eagle. The light only stays green for seconds and needs to be reassessed. The picture I attatched was this morning, the line was backed up near plaza towers school. It took 6 light changes to get through this light. Please reassess this situation.
  • 1328 Ne 22nd St Moore, OK 73160, USA - Moore
    these 2 vehicles have been parked on the street and not moved for quite a few months (maybe 4 or more). someone was working on one once, but still never moved.
  • 832 N Robinson Ave Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
    This is a rent house that is empty again. Grass in the back yard is taller than the front seen in the picture. We have mosquito and flies all over the place and this tall grass seems to be full of them.
  • 1100–1198 E Hills Dr Moore 73160, United States - Moore
    Large truck and RV is parked too close to intersection and it is very hard to see around. Almost got hit.
  • 1316 Ne 22nd St Moore 73160, United States - Moore
    Hasn’t moved in 2 weeks
  • 828 Lakecrest Drive Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
    There is a Black Honda Accord that has been wrecked, bit may still be drivable, it's hard to tell, parked in front of this house. It's been there for a couple of months and never moved. Tag is DZE160
  • 952 Sw 1st St Moore 73160, United States - Moore
    This truck has been sitting here for months. It doesn’t move. Appears to be leaking or has leaked something, possible gas in the street.
  • 3016 Broadway Terrace Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
    Once again the yard Grass and Weeds over a foot tall. It seems it has to be complained about every time just to get it cleaned up. The owners should be fined each time a notice is submitted.