Miami Dade water and sewer dept

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  • 1044 Sw 13ct Miami, FL - Coral Way
    replace street lamp
  • 1601 Sw 17th Ave Miami, FL - Coral Way
    The street is eroding and the undelying traffic markings are showing. The street is in dire need of repaving
  • 1723 Sw 11th Ter Miami, FL 33135 - Coral Way
    A house on the northwest corner of SW 11th TER and 17th ave has overgrown bushes along their fenceline. It requires you to roll forward into the lane of traffic southbound on 17th AVE. Traffic moves fast on this road and is a real hazard. This guy needs his bushes removed as they are never maintained.
  • 1675 Sw 9th Street Miami, FL - Little Havana
    the meter on the sidewalk has been open/ broken for at least a year, and has been reported to the proper authorities, and yet there it is, waiting for someone to step in it, or trip on on it, and hurt themselves and sue the city, what's the hold up?
  • 1674 Sw 9th St Miami, FL - Coral Way
    Median on entire street has been in this condition for over 15 years, although surrounding streets have been completely redone new, this street that gets all the tourists has gotten no attention. Does not make sense.