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  • Punch Bowl Road In Morris Township - Morris County

    Punch Bowl Road has become uncomfortable to drive because of the numerous potholes and patches over the past several years!! It's like a washboard with an irregular pattern. I hate thinking how it must be affecting my shocks and struts! I realize part of the "problem" is that the road is owned by two separate townships. Morris Township needs to bite the bullet and repave their section, which is travelled by many commuters and homeowners every single day.

    Oct 8, 2010: I got a notice todayfrom DPW that Punch Bowl Rd will be resurfaced Oct 12-29. Yayyyyy!!

    End of Oct 2010: They have milled the road.... That's a start!

  • Green Pond Rd Rockaway, NJ 07866, USA - White Meadow Lake
    Between rt80 and Commons way north and south, Green Pond rd has been neglected for 10 years, now there are bumps/potholes in the slow lane that will bounce you car into other lanes and places where new buildings have cut sewers and poorly patched, the roads it is DANGEROUS.When i rains there are HUGE puddles that will pull your car all over the place no matter what speed you are going. When is the forgotten end of Morris County going to get fixed . We pay taxes too..
  • lots of potholes and bumps Morris st from train station through overpass of rt 287
  • 108 Old Gladstone Rd Chester, NJ 07930 - Chester
    For the past 15 years I have been commuting through the intersection of Rt. 513 and 206 traveling from Long Valley to Morristown crossing over Rt. 206, Never has there been the traffic back-up crossing Rt 206 as there has been for the past month or so since the new traffic lights have been in operation. It would be usual to perhaps have to sit through 1 traffic light, but for the past month...the timing of the traffic light has traffic so backed up. Now you must sit through at least 4 traffic light changes to get across Rt. 206. This issue needs to be addressed in order for the traffic to flow smoothly. There is no reason why traffic should be so backed up at this intersection, it never was like this before. Improvements being made should help the flow of traffic not hinder it!
  • 520 Speedwell Ave Morris Plains, NJ 07950, USA - Morris Plains
    the intersection is designated for both lanes (including the rt turn only lane to go south during rush hour) The Morris Plains Police are not enforcing the no parking restriction which is going to lead to several accidents
  • 123 Hibernia Ave - Rockaway
    it's about time we had NJ Transit repair the tracks in Rockaway both at the end of Hibernia leading to Rt. 80 and also on Morris Ave. near Green Pond Rd.
  • 287 North Morristown, NJ - Hanover Township
    Numerous potholes on 287 North, Morristown, between exits 33 and 36
  • 221 E Hanover Ave Morristown, NJ 07960, USA - Hanover Township
    No one is leaving the library at 7am. traffic backs up on hanover ave when this light turns red for absolutely nobody using the library entrance
  • 146 Speedwell Ave. Morristown, NJ - Morristown

    5 Parking Spots Impede Traffic Flow: 5 parking spots on Rt. 202 between Sussex/Speedwell merge & Flagler St. should be eliminated to improve traffic flow. Use parking behind the buildings.

    If you drive into Morristown from Sussex or Speedwell, PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. The fact that these parking spaces exist where 2 or 3 lanes of traffic, PLUS St. Margaret's parking lot, PLUS the Firehouse, is not in the best interest of the public or Morristown. Pedestrians crossing Speedwell at Flagler are in much greater risk than if there were no parking. Impeding traffic with parking spaces is not "flow control."

  • Elm St Morristown, NJ - Morristown
    Turning left from westbound Morris St. to Elm Street is difficult because it is a long intersection (under the RR tracks) and cars often get stuck in the intersection when the light turns red, causing a safety issue. A left-turn signal would allow them to turn safely.
  • Speeders Archived
    47 Western Ave Morristown - Morristown
    Western Ave in Morristown 25 MPH SPEED LIMIT cars are doing 50 - 60 mph time to start issuing speeding tickets
  • Piedmont Court Morristown, NJ 07960, USA - Morris County
    The entire road from South Street to Past Kitchell Road is a mine field of potholes.