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A new law that requires San Francisco property owners to register their vacant or abandoned building with the city and pay a fee, has allowed the Department of Building Inspection to keep a working list of blighted properties throughout the city. This is a draft, some properties may not be blighted or vacant. Building inspectors rely on citizen and city employee complaints to identify the properties.

Notified About

  • 3067-71 23rd Street - Mission
    These buildings have been empty for years. The landlord says he wants to fix it up and rent it, but he hasn't made a move to get a permit. Tell John Geahwiler he needs to take some responsibility for his properties.
  • 83-99 Gough St San Francisco, CA 94102, USA - Western Addition

    The public (city owned) sidewalks between Page and Rose at Gough Street are are so poorly maintained that they do not offer accessible path of travel to handicapped people cracked and present tripping hazards to everyone the public at large.
    Photo only captures half of the blighted area.

    The City of San Francisco owns the property that borders Rose Gough and Page Street. The city does not maintain this property as it mandates commercial and private property owners.

    This is evidence of city owned neglect and contributes public blight for neighbors and all SF citizens.

  • 1501 Revere San Francisco, CA - Bayview
    Badly blighted building.
  • 414 Lakeview Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Ingleside
    Multiple violations. 1. Broken window with frame perched above walking area on street facing side of building. 2. Overgrown lot posing fire danger. 3. Litter in yard. 4. Fading paint/blighted exterior.
  • 4800 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview

    To: Jonathan Purvis (SF Planning Department)

    Nicholas Colla (City Attorney)

    Subject: NOTICE OF VIOLATION Case# 11978 (4801 3rd Street)

    Mr. Purvis,

    On January 8, 2012 you placed a Notice of Violation for General Advertising Sign on 4801 3rd Street. This NOV is for (2) two large advertising signs placed on blighted property for Diane Wesley Smith of Bayview Real Estate. Per the NOV the owner of the property Mr. Curlee Bishop Sr. had 30 days from the date post-marked on the notice to: 1) apply for a building permit to remove the signs; or 2) request reconsideration of the NOV. Failure to act would result in $100.00 per day per sign. The 30 days from the date post-marked has now expired. Can you let me know if Mr. Curlee Bishop has 1) applied for a building permit to remove the signs; or 2) request reconsideration of the NOV? Also, per the NOV if Mr. Curlee Bishop applies for reconsideration of the NOV it would require $3,400.00 for an initial hearing.

    The signs posted on this blighted property have and continue to be public eyesore. I’m requesting that if Mr. Curlee Bishop has not 1) applied for a building permit to remove the signs; or 2) request reconsideration of the NOV and paid the $3,400.00 for an initial hearing that this NOV be immediately referred to Nicholas Colla at the City Attorney’s office for failure to act and penalties of $100.00 per day per sign be accessed against the property owner. Thanks.

  • 2201-2299 22nd St San Francisco, CA - Potrero Hill
    blighted property-
    Cal trans claims they have no obligation to clean or maintain their property because its not the cities jurisdiction to determine their standard.
  • 3067 23rd Street sf - Mission
    The south side of this whole block is completely neglected. Four out of five buildings are owned by one property owner and they are run down, unoccupied, and create a magnet for dumping, graffiti and homeless encampments.
  • Other Nuisance Acknowledged
    5154-5158 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    3rd Street and Thornton Ave. blighted building with several abandoned vehicles. Please have property owner get rid of vehicles and bring building up to code.
  • 5118 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    5122 third st
    Blighted building, broken windows on 3rd st
  • 1490 Revere san francisco, ca - Bayview
    blighted building. unsafe wooden scaffolding in rear
  • 3434 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Bernal Heights
    3434 Mission Street. Blighted building. Exposed beams. Unoccupied commercial space for years. Displaying expired work permits.
  • 3137 Rivera Street San Francisco, CA 94116, USA - Outer Sunset
    Vacant blighted building at 3137 Rivera Street.