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  • East Ninth Street Derby, CT - Derby
    With the new enforcement of no parking on Garden Place for school drop-off, East Ninth has become highly unsafe to drive on. The road is too narrow to allow parking on both sides of the street for traffic to flow in both directions. This issue needs to be addressed BEFORE winter snow makes it even narrower and people are walking in the street due to unshovelled walkways. A crossing guard also needs to be posted at the East Ninth / Seymour Ave intersection now that many more people are walking the kids across at that point. You simply are NOT going to get these people to walk down to the library intersection to cross.
  • dog Open
    Elizabeth St Derby, CT - Derby
    a young man contnues to let his dog poop wereever he pleases and not clen it up .I get home late at night from work and step in it .The dog warden needs to be more alert to these problems