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  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trail New Haven, CT - Newhallville
    My husband was attacked by a group of 6-10 men while biking along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail yesterday. He had his bike and iPod stolen. I often see police on Segways on the stretch of the trail between Division and Hillhouse, but the part that seems to be really dangerous is the stretch from Division to the New Haven/Hamden line. If this isn't addressed, this trail will cease to be a resource that New Haven residents can enjoy.
  • Corner Of Trumbull And Prospect Streets - Yale University Campus
    There are no crosswalks or signals at the intersection of Trumbull and Prospect. The road curves in such a way that it is very difficult for cars and pedestrians to see one another. A walk signal would be very beneficial here.
  • 81 Prospect St New Haven, CT 06511 - Yale University Campus
    The intersections in this area have no walk signals for pedestrians. That and there are numerous blindspots so there's no way for drivers or walkers to know when a pedestrian can walk. I've tried talkign to city officials, but for 2 years they've jsut said "we are working on it." Someone will be run over if nothing is done about this.
  • Prospect And Trumbell New Haven, CT 00 - Yale University Campus
    Intersection of Prospect and Trumbell is very busy with lots of peds, esp during Yale sessions, but no signal, seems like an accident waiting to happen since traffic patterns complicated and sightlines poor - peds just take a chance that it's okay to cross and that drivers will see them
  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trail New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville
    Many people use the Farmington Canal Trail to access work and shopping, as well as for exercise. (Newhallville has very few parks for outdoor recreation.) Clearing it is a transportation justice issue. Obviously it is not a priority during and right after a storm, but at this point it should be plowed. It may be weeks before the snow melts off fully. Yale has admirably plowed the Trail below Division Street, but north of that it might as well be Antarctica.
  • 77 Prospect Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Yale University Campus
    The bridge at the corner of Prospect and Trumbull Streets has been closed for a VERY long time so that the bridge could be replaced. But the bridge was completed months ago. Why is this intersection and bridge still closed to traffic? This is a major inconvenience to many people trying to get around in New Haven.
  • bike trail safe? Acknowledged
    Farmington Canal Heritage Trail New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven
    Would it be unsafe for a young, white female to bike alone from the Munson St. area down the trail to the New Haven Animal shelter? How much would safety increase with more people? I'd love to stop driving since it would take about the same amount of time and be way more environmentally friendly. Just want to be safe, though. Thanks for your input!
  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trail New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville

    The bicycle/walking path is in terrible shape with snow, broken limbs and broken glass all over the surface --except, of course-- right by Yale University.

    Is the parks department so busy that they can't make one or two passes along the trail to make it usable by citizens?

  • 92 Prospect St New Haven, CT 06511 - Yale University Campus

    A bike box would be great where the northbound bike lane on Prospect Street ends at Trumbull.

    *There is a high volume of right turns across the bike lane, leading to a high risk of a right hook incident.
    *The bike lane ends, so bicyclists need to start merging out into the lane anyway.
    *This entire intersection is being rebuilt, so marginal cost of striping a bike box will be lower than any other intersection in the entire city.

  • Farmington Canal Trail New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville
    There is a large white pitbull around the canal trail around Alling St. No one is nearby. I was walking with my son in a stroller and was afraid for our lives. My friend just had his leg amputated after a dog attack. If this is your dog, PLEASE contain it.
  • 92 Prospect St. New Haven, CT - Yale University Campus
    This project is now months overdue thanks to the Gas Co. When will Prospect St. be open to traffic again? Acess to Canal St is nice, but not enough since you still can't access Canal from Trumbull or from Prospect heading south.
  • Canal Street New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Trumbul and Prospect is finally open in both directions, but why is this not the case with Canal St?

    Jersey curbs still divide the road and make it one lane running away from Prospect. There appears to be no reason for this. There is no work going on nearby. The road surface is in place, as are the kerbs.

    OPEN IT!