Countryside South & Summerside Neighbourhood

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Countryside South & Summerside Neighbourhood Association

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  • 8633 60a Ave Grande Prairie, AB T8W 2V2, Canada - Grande Prairie
    Graffiti on road blocks... this graffiti was painted over with a positive message, but the city workers recently re arranged the blocks and now the profanity is showing again. If the blocks were arranged properly this wouldn't be an issue. Now they all need to be cleaned.
  • Horrible ruts Archived
    68 Avenue Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    The ruts here are deep and the snow is making the lanes skinny.
    Your vehicle bounces all over the place
  • 6302 88 St Grande Prairie, AB T8W 2V4, Canada - Grande Prairie
    Playground still not completed. Is there an estimated date of completion?
  • 8718 62 Ave Grande Prairie, AB T8W 2X2, Canada - Grande Prairie
    Bench not bolted down
  • Crosswalk Archived
    6513 90st Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    I would like to ask that the city put a crosswalk on the corner by my children's bus stop
    On 90th st. My 5 year old and 9 year old have almost been hit by speeding divers down 90th st twice!!!! I now walk them across the street every morning to ensure that every vehicle has gone by or they actually stop. In the winter the kids are very hard to see as the streetlights do little to light the streets at 7:30am. There are no crosswalks along this road at all and people constantly speed up and down it. Please fix this issue before a child gets hit by a car or one of the huge trucks that rips up the road every morning!!!
  • 8821 66 Ave Grande Prairie Alberta - Grande Prairie
    The snow was not cleared properly and has cut our street's parking in HALF, there are vehicle-size amounts of ice chunks on the south side of the road in every parking space - needs to be rectified
  • 6022 86b St Grande Prairie, AB T8W 2X2, Canada - Grande Prairie
    Sump runs into the street, floods it repeatedly like a skating rink and creates dangerous road conditions with ice.
  • 8810 60 Ave Grande Prairie T8W 0J9, Canada - Grande Prairie
    If you could sweep the path it would be great. It is pretty covered. Thank you.
  • 8721 63 Ave Grande Prairie, AB T8W 0A5, Canada - Grande Prairie
    broken parts on spinner toy. toy is very loose and wobbly.
  • 6013-6021 90b Street Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    This playground structure is not safe, this park is used by many children between ages of two and 12 every day. It is in a highly residential area with lots of kids and it is not safe! The wood is splintering, paint pealing, chains and nails rested, and jag-get concrete is often exposed at the base of the slide, something needs to be done with it.
  • 8714 62 Ave Grande Prairie T8W 2X2, Canada - Grande Prairie
    Asphalt path rutted
  • 88a St Grande Prairie, AB T8X, Canada - Grande Prairie
    This intersection is used as an informal crossing constantly and needs a marked crosswalk. I have witnessed several near misses in the area and makes sense to connect the paths from both neighbourhoods.