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  • 60 Wellington Road Milford, CT - Milford
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to see oncoming traffic exiting southbound from Merritt Parkway exit 55 in Milford. Many employees of the Merritt 95 Business Complex must make a left turn in front of exiting Merritt traffic. A huge mound of snow blocks your view. It's like playing Russian Roulette to make the left turn into the complex.
  • 30 Soundview Avenue Milford, CT - Milford
    This structure has been reported to the City Of Milford several times and yet not one thing has been done to remedy the blight! It impacts every home owner on the street because this blight is decreasing the neighboring homes value. I wonder if the City is waiting for a contentious lawsuit before they do anything. Knock this thing-in-lieu-of-a-house down now!
  • 541 Connecticut 162 Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford
    I was driving west on the Post Rd. just west of the Milford Police station when a flatbed tow truck and a regular tow truck from Anthony's High Tech approached at high speed with all their warning lights on. I was in the left lane and the car that was behind me in the right lane actually pulled over for them. Both trucks passed me after coming dangerously close to my car. They then continued west at speeds over 60 mph side-by-side like they were racing. It seems that tow truck drivers need to be reminded that they do not operate emergency vehicles. They only have amber lights to warn other drivers that there could be a hazard. I have also witnessed a truck from Anthony's go through red lights in the past. Milford PD and CSP need to drop these guys from their towing lists.
  • W Main St At High St. Milford City (Balance), CT 06460, USA - Milford
    Why on earth is this a 3-way stop here? All it does is create confusion. The 3 people stopped at the existing stop signs waiting for traffic to clear from the non-stop direction lose count of whose turn it is by the time the traffic clears. Until the State of Connecticut decides to put counting to 4 on the driving test, the City of Milford needs to account for things like that. Also, people going eastbound on W Main (without the stop) go too fast, and the folks stopped at the northbound High St. stop sign have to practically pull out into the intersection just to see whether anyone is racing up the hill. This is dangerous. Not to mention the fact that a 3-way stop is just abnormal, so anyone not familiar with the area might mess up and then... boom! Do we have to wait for a bad accident to happen there for this to be addressed?!
  • 197-203 Seaside Ave Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford
    The sidewalk all the way from the hospital to East Broadway is in complete disrepair and is way too narrow (or does not exist, leaving you to walk on a dirt path that gets very muddy when it rains). It is not safe walking downtown from the Fort Trumbull neighborhood, as you could easily trip and fall into the street where cars are speeding by. Drivers on this road have no qualms about driving 30-40 mph in a 25 mph zone, so this street should be narrowed down, and should have a nice, wide sidewalk. Milford residents of any age should be able to walk downtown safely. The city should hold a meeting to discuss re-engineering this street with local residents.
  • street closed Archived
    Milford Circle Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford
    no signs indicating, at a critical intersection, causing huge traffic jam extend img around nearby mall as only detour. c'mon, Milford, you can do better. one security guard directing traffic four lanes!?
  • 421 Naugatuck Ave Milford, CT - Milford
    Whoever is in charge of construction on this road needs to be fired and banned from doing any work in Milford. Both sides of my IROC Z are completely sand-blasted from road grime (pebbles, loose blacktop, etc) and the "road" which by the way is a term I am using loosely - more like a mogul course, or something I would assume is similar to the surface of the moon - is an absolute nightmare. I cringe every time I go to and from my house and need to drive over this mess, as my poor suspension creaks and wails and pings from loose road pelting the sides of my car echo into the interior. Who can I contact about paying for a respray and potentially new suspension components?
  • Milford CT 06460, USA - Milford
    several consecutive lights on train platform at northbound side have been out since at least April 2011, and more are going out as time passes...stairway at that end completely in the dark now and very dangerous, especially for older people. MTD has not fixed in 19 months.--it's fixed...finally!
  • 44 Botsford Avenue MILFORD, CT - Milford
    Snow is 4-6 feet thick on the street. Please help us out Town of Milford. We are trapped in our homes. Thanks for checking in on our street!
  • Botsford Ave MILFORD, CT - Milford
    Received a reply that Milford was plowing all streets today, but as of sunset, we are all still trapped on our street. Snow is 4 ft thick and we can't even shovel ourselves out. Will the town of Milford be able to help soon?
  • 21 Daniel Street Milford, CT - Milford
    The sidewalk in front of Mustang Sally's is constantly covered in pieces of litter and cigarette butts. The establishment does nothing to curtail this and seems to not tend to the sidewalk. They need to add a receptacle for cigarette butts and/or some sort of garbage disposal AND make an attempt to keep the sidewalk clean. It's no doubt their patrons that are littering. No other downtown Milford establishment has this issue.
  • Large Pothole Archived
    319 Forest Road Milford, Connecticut - Milford
    There are large potholes in front of 319, 292 and 251 Forest Rd., Milford. Someone will damage their vehicle if they hit these. Public Works please fix.