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  • 5-41 Harris St Ne Atlanta, GA 30303, USA - Five Points

    The city council utilities committee meeting voted to resurrect the renaming of Harris Street & move it to the full council meeting on Monday, May 16, 2011.

    As was indicated in the uproar by the entire city when the issue appeared months ago, there remains grave concerns about the adverse effect on tourist maps, signage, GPS and geographic information systems.

    It'll cost MARTA $100k to update signs in P'tree Center station -- the cost of a couple of drivers on a bus route that could be going to any of their council districts!

    Please contact all city councilmembers & spread the word! Their contact info, including Facebook profiles, can be found here:

  • 176 Peachtree St Ne Atlanta, GA - Downtown
    Not certain if it is the hydrant, or other source. Has been running for months!
  • Broken light Archived
    8-38 Park Pl Ne Atlanta, GA 30303, USA - Five Points
  • 115 W Peachtree Pl Nw Atlanta, GA 30313, USA - Downtown
    Water leaking out of lid and onto sidewalk
  • Williams St Nw Atlanta, GA - Downtown
    3 of 4 street lights on the corners of Cone and Williams Streets are not functioning.
  • 2-98 Ellis St Nw Atlanta, GA 30303, USA - Downtown
  • Edgewood Ave Ne Atlanta, GA 30312 - Sweet Auburn
    On Edgewood is a manhole cover that's recessed about 4 inches in the pavement, on the rightmost lane (Eastbound). Given the speeds cyclists normally pass through here, this is just asking for disaster.
  • 180 Peachtree St Nw Atlanta, GA 30303, USA - Downtown
    Just after passing the Peachtree Center MARTA station going south, there is a dangerous pothole about 6 inches deep and somewhat disguised by a box outline in the pavement.
  • 57-73 Ralph Mcgill Blvd Ne Atlanta, GA 30308, USA - Five Points
  • 2-44 Simpson St Nw Atlanta, GA 30308, USA - Downtown
  • 30 W Peachtree Pl Nw Atlanta, GA - Downtown
    This lot is full of craters, making it dangerous to walk and drive on. The owner should not be charging parking fees comparable to nearby lots that are well-maintained!
  • 91 Broad St Sw Atlanta, GA 30303, USA - Downtown