Chtaham County Public Works

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  • 404 Winchester Dr Savannah, GA, 31410, USA - Wilmington Island
    Canal that crosses Winchester Drive needs to be cleared and cleaned, please, especially the northern end.
  • 35 Clarendon Road Wilmington Park 31410 United States Of America - Wilmington Island
    Sink hole & tree roots in roadway
  • 119 Chatsworth Rd Wilmington Island, Georgia - Wilmington Island
    I submitted a request in May 2015 and followed up with two emails over the next year. Maintenance was finally scheduled for September 16th but due to a tropical storm and a hurricane, the canal still hasn't been cleared. It now looks even worse because GA Power had to cut lots of trees/limbs to make repairs after Mathew. All of that debris is now piled up in addition to the overgrowth. PLEASE - send someone to clear this canal. It runs between Chatsworth and Pickwick. Thank you so much!!
  • 103 Grosvenor Road Savannah, Georgia - Wilmington Island
    Backfill repair area where curb removed and replaced. Barricades never picked up. Lancaster Road paved, pile of dirt with concrete topping picked up by milling crew and barricades moved across the intersection.
  • 114 Talbot Rd Savannah, GA 31410, USA - Wilmington Island
    Flooding again yesterday and today
    Blocked driveway. Second time reporting Have never heard from public works after first report
  • 36 S Cromwell Rd Wilmington Island, GA 31410, USA - Wilmington Island
    When leaving from Carlton onto Cromwell and turning left, the road is so high the car wobbles. This started after road was repacked. It needs to be smoothed down more.
  • 296 Pickwick Road Savannah, Georgia - Wilmington Island
    The county workers came out and cleared the storm drain in front of my house. I just wanted to say Thank You to both of them They did an outstanding job! During the fix, they pointed out that where the storm water run off pipe that goes into the drainage ditch behind our house was damaged. This is occurring when the drainage ditch is cleaned out periodically with the back hoes they use. I was wondering if there is any way that the drainage pipe can be marked in order to alert the maintenance guys so they will quit inadvertently damaging it? Thanks again for the fix on our drainage.
  • Tree Maintenance Acknowledged
    122 S Millward Rd Savannah, GA 31410, USA - Wilmington Island
    Broken Large pine tree branch hanging over road is about to fall and hurt someone. Branch needs to be cut and removed
  • 103 Steerforth Rd Savannah, GA 31410, USA - Wilmington Island
    Collapsed storm drain causing flooding
  • 316 Wellington Rd Savannah, Georgia - Wilmington Island
  • Todd St Savannah, Georgia - Wilmington Island
    This portion of Todd St has been is disrepair for years. The edge of the road has been progressively getting worse overtime. Each time the trash pick up come it gets chipped away some more. The lane is half gone it makes passing of 2 cars in the area impossible
  • 404 Winchester Drive Savannah, Georgia - Wilmington Island
    The drainage canal culvert needs to be vacuumed out. Leaves are clogging the access.