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  • 54 Bridge St Newark, NJ 07102, USA - Central Business District
    If a pedestrian presses the cross walk button it changes the cycle to green for 30 seconds & red for 1 minute, instead of being green for 1 minute also. I guess the logic is the pedestrian doesn't have to wait a whole minute to cross. Well considering a lot of pedestrians cross there between 8:00-9:30AM, including me, the light is red significantly longer than green on a 6 lane road with the button frequently being pushed. It's causing a traffic nightmare & this is the slow season. This was just changed in June & by the next day traffic was backed up all the way to the beginning of McCarter Hwy. In September it will be backed up to Belleville once schools are back. Then once the Devils & Nets season comes around in Oct, night time will be just as bad. This is the intersection of McCarter Hwy & Bridge St in Newark & is causing quite the back up when you come into Newark from Rt.21 S.
  • Pot holes!!! Archived
    Mcclellan Newark, NJ - Newark
    Major potholes all over east bound McClellan
  • Mclellen St Newark, NJ - Newark
    This street needs to be replaced. It's very dangerous to drive through. Cars are constantly swerving to oncoming traffic to avoid the numbers bumps and potholes along the cemetery on Mclellen st.
  • 41 Carmen Ct Newark, New Jersey - North Ironbound
    basement without permission to rent, with two more apartments, with 2 children, no emergency exit, family living with child in the basement, already had gas smell, very worried if a fire happens and can not leave!!! Urgent!!
  • Power out Archived
    629 Ferry St Newark, NJ 07105, USA - Newark
    I have a bed ritten mother and we have no power in the house. We had water in our livving room and in our basement, water is out of basement as of today but we have no power. Can I get help please it's freezing and I'm conscern for my mother and father.
  • 1-33 Old Road To Bloomfield Newark, New Jersey - Forest Hill
    When we moved here in October our road was riddled with potholes. They were patched in November but now the situation is twice as bad as before.
  • 69 Green St Newark, NJ 07102, USA - Central Business District
    Illegal Dumping outside of Three Levels Lounge. 18 bags on the Green St side, 7 bags on the Mulberry St side.
  • 39 Bock Ave Newark, NJ 07112, USA - Weequahic
    Homeowner is requesting that the tree branch extending toward the house, and the branch extending to the left be cut off
  • Potholes Archived
    914-958 Doremus Avenue Newark, New Jersey - Newark
    Several large potholes across entire roadway and causing drivers to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid. Someone will get seriously hurt or killed if these are not addressed. This was also reported last year!
  • Pothole Archived
    Ropes Place Newark, New Jersey - Upper Roseville
    Large pot hold shortly after entering Ropes Place towards left side of road.
  • Interstate 280 East Newark, NJ 07029, USA - Newark
    280 is a major highway and the pavement West of the bridge over the Passiac river is TERRIBLE. Uneven with potholes. Cars have to slow down to 25mph to go over this area creating huge backups!
  • Jefferson & East Kinney Newark, New Jersey - North Ironbound

    Issue: Multiple Commercial vehicles parked overnight...1 out of 12 vehicles parked overnight in the area are large vans with New York Plates, inside you can see no seating behind the driver, only toolboxes, construction equipment etc.

    Comment: Parking is very limited in the area. I have to carry my newborn and groceries sometimes a quarter mile away.
    Also there is nothing like coming home from the hospital at 1am with your child, and drive around for 1 hour and not find ONE SINGLE SPOT when you have half a dozen construction vans with ladders and equipment inside them. Makes you disgusted with our city. Never seen anyone fined or towed..EVER in 3-years that I've lived here.

    Location(s): #1: Jefferson St. BTWN Nichols St & E. Kinney St. /// #2: E. Kinney St. BTWN Adams St. & Jefferson St.