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  • 401 Grovers Avenue 06605 - Bridgeport
    The new park at Brewster/Grovers intersection needs weeding and mulching. This is a gateway to St Mary's, and Black Rock Day coming up.
  • 114-116 Harborview Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    Owner has not been seen in months, grass yard has not been maintained, broken basement window for animals, no tenant on floor 1 or 2, but tenant on 3rd. Junk in back yeard
  • 77 Jetland St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    Vehicle w/o plate parked in front of my property for a month now.
    As a city tax payer! I expected this to be resolved already.
  • 1-69 School St Bridgeport, CT 06605, USA - Bridgeport
    A mess in back of the sub station on school st. This has been this way for years. Often a truck will come and dump more garbage.
  • Jetland Street & School Street 06605 - Bridgeport
    Has been abandoned here for 3 days in the municipal lot, taking up 4 spaces! Boat trailer has no license plate. Parking is scarce for Black Rock businesses, please have towed ASAP.
  • 65 Whittier St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    abandoned white ford taurus sedan. please tow.
  • 103 Seabright Avenue - Bridgeport
    Hedges are growing out onto sidewalk preventing pedestrians from using the public sidewalk on the end of Seaview Terrace at the corner of Seabright Ave. These hedges are growing approximately 2 feet over the homeowners property line out into the sidewalk. After repeated requests to trim, homeowner remains hostile and refuses to maintain hedges and trim them back to their actual property line. They are effectively adversely possessing public property and intentionally preventing use of one portion of the sidewalk on Seaview Terrace that abuts their home.
  • 86 Whittier St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    Furniture dumped on sidewalk at abandoned school. Please remove. Thank you.
  • Other Archived
    350 Grovers Ave Bridgeport, CT 06605, USA - Bridgeport
    Backhoe parked for 2nd night on busy main road. People cannot get out of driveways safely because the cannot see on coming traffic. At night you can barely see the backhoe and it takes up the entire lane. Great way for someone to get killed. Since when are construction vehicles allowed to park on main roads in residential neighborhoods?? Get it out before someone dies!
  • Other Acknowledged
    510 Lake Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    City plows chopped my lawn and tree roots massively.
  • 260-278 Harborview Ave Bridgeport, CT 06605, USA - Bridgeport
    Graffiti on sign at pumping station on Harborview Ave near corner of Hanford Ave. See picture attached.
  • 219 Brewster Street B - Bridgeport
    Grey SUV parked on Brewster Street at intersection of Ellsworth Street in violation of Snow Emergency. Brewster Street and Ellsworth are both Snow Emergency Streets. Please ticket or remove vehicle. This vehicle does this every time it snows.