Hilliard Public Service Dept.

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The Operations Division maintains the City’s streets, rights-of-way, utility infrastructure, and vehicle fleet. Maintenance services are provided by the Operations Division in the following areas:
● Chipper Service
● Fire Hydrants
● Landscaping
● Leaf Collection
● Pavement Repair
● Sanitary Sewers
● Snow & Ice Control
● Storm Sewers
● Street Lighting
● Street Trees
● Traffic Signals
● Traffic Signin

Notified About

  • In Front Of The Villas Of Mill Run Condominiums - Hilliard
    The streetlights have not worked in this area of Mill Run Dr. since the construction of the Arlington Park apartments by Edwards Construction. It is dangerous for the early morning joggers and dog-walkers.
  • 4200 Dublin Road Hilliard - Hilliard

    Two families residing on a "private lane" on Dublin Road allow their dogs to run loose. One was almost ran over by an SUV Friday evening. Police were notified last fall of the issue twice with video surveillance portraying the dog on other people's property. Nothing was done.

    After posting this the dog was almost ran over by a police officer on Dublin Rd. He said he was going to give them a "stern warning". I had to "shoo" the dog back her property and off of mine after the police officer left to supposively speak with them. I have not seen the dog since this incident, but I have heard her bark so I know she's still alive. I am grateful they are keeping a better watch of their dog now. I wish I could say the same for the other family's weiner dog.

  • 3326 Walcutt Rd Hilliard, OH 43026, USA - West Columbus Interim
    Water always backs up here during hard rains.
  • Pothole Open
    3975 Fishinger Boulevard Hilliard, Ohio - Hilliard
    As you make a right hand turn from Ridge Mill Dr on to Fishinger heading north to Cemetery Rd there is a pothole right at the corner of the road. It's been there for a long time.
  • 3800 Veterans Memorial Dr Hilliard, OH 43026, USA - Hilliard

    Every day, as my lady and I walk our small dog
    in the Hilliard Municipal Park off of Scioto
    Darby Road, we constantly see dog owners walking their dogs off-leash. There are signs posted throughout the park stating that dogs must be on a leash and cleaned up after and if
    not obeyed, will be fined $100. We do not
    appreciate the uncertainty of not knowing if
    an unleashed dog will be a menace to us or our pet. We have had more than a few scary
    moments and have contacted the Hilliard Police Department a few times to report these
    incidents without results. Surely the on-duty
    Park workers must notice the unleashed dogs. I guess that pepper spray will be part of our dog-walking kit as well as the doggie bags. This is such a beautiful park and is one that we spend time in daily. Dog owners, please obey the
    rules and let the park be an enjoyable, safe
    experience for all.

    Devoted Park Lover

  • 5217 Scioto Darby Rd Hilliard, OH - Hilliard

    Street Light out at the corner of my yard...

    How do you get this replaced ?

  • 4835-4836 Lady Jane Ave Hilliard, OH 43026, USA - Hilliard
    Tired of kids in the middle of the street playing. Also, people should teach their children the ground is not a place for their trash.
  • 3248 Benbrook Pond Drive Hilliard, Ohio - Hilliard
    We have not had working street lights in over a month!
  • pothole Open
    Davidson Run Road Hilliard, OH - Hilliard
    There's a large pot hole centerline about 100 yards from the intersection with Davidson Road
  • Davidson Run Road Hilliard, Ohio - Hilliard
    The whole street is broken asphault, pot holes, a total broken mess
  • 5794 Laura Ln Hilliard, OH, 43026, USA - Hilliard
    Street lamp out at 5793 Laura Lanr
  • 4799 Trailpath Drive Dublin, Ohio - Hilliard
    The lights on Riggins between Wilcox and Britton are not turning on all of the time. When they do turn on, it is 3-4 after dusk.