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Bronx, New York 10461

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  • 712 Brush Ave Bronx, NY 10465, USA - Throggs Neck
    There are 2 sink holes next to a drain on the corner of Senger Place and Brush Avenue for over 2 months now.
    There was one a few months ago that was filled and these formed right afterward.
  • Pelham Pkwy S Bronx, NY - Morris Park
    Pavement is seriously deteriorated and can easily damage tires and impede flow of traffic.
  • 810 Brady Ave Bronx, NY 10462, USA - Morris Park
    Elevated subway tracks has graffiti on the walls of the walkway of the pass
  • Bruckner Expressway Before Whitestone Turnoff South - Throggs Neck
    Lights out both sides, eastbound Bruckner Expy just before Whitestone turnoff...very dark and dangerous
  • 330 Brinsmade Ave bronx, ny - Throggs Neck

    this property a 89 year old woman lives there and a handicap daughter. The snow shoveling is too much for the daughter and help would be needed especially the owner is in the hospital. Neighbors are not very helpful in shoveling like the old days it's more like every man for themselves


  • 2199 Cruger Avenue Bronx, New York 10462 - Parkchester
    Despite numerous complaints to management, there is inconsistent hot water and it has been this way since I moved her 1 and 1/2 years ago.
  • 2430 Tratman Ave Bronx, NY - Parkchester
    Tengo mucho frio no hay califasion en el Buildings nunca portavoz ayudenlo,mi hijas tiene gripes y asthma. El dueño no ayuda. No contesta el teléfono
  • Dog feces Archived
    2770-2832 Schley Avenue Bronx, NY 10465, USA - Throggs Neck
    Grass sidewalk use as dogs potty
  • 640 Pelham Parkway South New York, New York - Morris Park
    I believe this intersection was modified in the past year or so. There is now a lane to go straight (marked with 1 arrow on the pavement) and a lane to go right (also marked with 1 arrow). Well, either people don't pay attention or can't see the arrows when there is traffic, because people are constantly going STRAIGHT from the RIGHT TURN lane!! This will clearly cause an accident at some point if it hasn't already! I even got stuck running a red light yesterday because someone cut me off from the right hand turn lane! There needs to be more signs here so people know what's going on!! Would be better too if the lanes were actually lined up properly, so you didn't have to move over to the left to get into the lane to go straight and then go back to the right.
  • 1130 Pelham Parkway South New York, New York - Morris Park
    This drives me nuts. First of all, there's no reason for 2 lanes going straight and a right turn lane here. The roadway before this is "unmarked', it's just a wide road with no distinct lanes, so why have 2 lanes to go straight, especially when the road just merges after the intersection anyway? EVEN WORSE - there is constantly a line of cars parked IN THE MERGING LANE on the other side of the intersection. So if you're in the left-most straight-ahead lane, you have nowhere to go except to cut off the person in the right-most straight-ahead lane. How can the City let people park here?! It's clearly marked as a merging lane and NOT as street parking! Why not just combine the (extremely narrow) 2 lanes to 1, and then allow the parking after re-striping? This City makes no sense!
  • Shoveling Archived
    330 Brinsmade Avenue Bronx, NY 10465, USA - Throggs Neck

    The lady that lives at this house is 89 years old and is in the hospital and no one is there to help with the snow removal as well the neighbor that has helped in the past is not available due to a back injury and no one else is as neighborly please help


  • 2916 Wilkinson Ave Bronx, NY 10461, USA - Parkchester