Faulkner County

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  • 5 Elizabeth Street Vilonia, AR 72173, United States of America - Vilonia
    Construction workers cut cable
  • 1810 Hogan Lane Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    The Lights on top of the concrete fencing of Centennial Apartments is too bright!! Between the extremely bright headlights and these lights being so bright you can barely see the lines on the road. If it is raining all you can see is a big glare.
  • Highway 64 And Hogan Road Faulkner, Arkansas - Faulkner County
    A traffic signal needs to be added to this location as the traffic headed west on Hwy 64 usually intendeds to turn left and head south on Hogan Road. Because of most of these people do not use their turn signal you never know if you have time to make a left hand turn or not. The lighting in this area for the amount of traffic is substandard at best. Also when making a left hand turn you have to pull to far out into the danger zone to see if any traffic is coming from the left side. The people turning off of Highway 64 cut the corner thus creating a significant hazard for this area.
  • 803 N Creek Dr Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
  • 1001 Mcnutt Road Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    Right before you get to the trailer park there is a huge bump in the road. It has been this way for over 5-10 years now. It was made when utilities were hooked up for the trailer company along that road. The city filled in the hole so they need to come fix it. The whole road needs to be fixed just like so many.
  • 180-196 Ar-285 Greenbrier, AR 72058, USA - Faulkner County
    The culverts that were put in have now become hazards because now it is like a trench in the road.
  • Nutters Chapel Rd Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    There are 2 new potholes that have popped up in the past week in the curve of Nutters Chapel between Crosspoint Rd and TJ Drive. One in each lane of traffic. These are fairly deep and will grow rapidly.
  • 303 S Farris Rd Conway, AR, 72034, USA - Conway
    the roundabouts that their putting in is getting annoying and is costly. theirs nothing wrong with perfectly good traffic lights. please stop putting them in.
  • 658 U.S. 64 Business Conway, Arkansas - Faulkner County
    Street light stick on red when making left turn onto 64 from 64B. Specifically between the hours of 0615 and 0635.
  • 108 Mill Street Greenbrier, Arkansas - Faulkner County
    Our roads are in bad shape on Mill Creek and Mill Stone in Greenbrier Ar. Please consider repaving them.
  • Nutters Chapel & Mattison Road Conway, Arkansas - Faulkner County
    From this intersection to Deerbrook Drive there are at least 6 or more street lights that are not working.
  • Hidden Oak Drive Vilonia, AR 72173, United States of America - Vilonia
    Contractor cut fiber drop while boring coax.