Sunnyside North

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  • 46th St And Queens Blvd New York, NY 11104 - Sunny Side
    The large green metal boxes that control the streetlights are placed in such a way as to block the view of fast-moving traffic on Queens Blvd from pedestrians exiting the subway and crossing the street here. I don't know whether this is directly related, but there have been pedestrian fatalities at this intersection.
  • 43rd Avenue And 39th Place sunnyside, NY - Sunny Side
    The cross walk is faded on the western side of 43rd avenue. Please have it repainted.
    Thank you.
  • 37th Avenue+Barnett Ave On 48th Street Queens, NY - Sunny Side
    on 48th street, between Barnett Avenue and 37th Avenue is a strecth of sidewalk which never gets shovelled; and remains frozen; this section is also the walkway to the main supermarket in the area Stop N Shop and people must walk in the street in traffic to avoid the ice. The city never addresses this issue and it is a danger especially to older people.
  • 46-17 Skillman Ave. Sunnyside, NY 11104, USA - Sunny Side