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  • Other Archived
    6541 West 64th Place Chicago, IL 60638, USA - Clearing
    Approx 5 trees on this block must be trimmed. Tree branches hanging down 4 feet from the sidewalk. Can't walk Down block without moving branches out if the way.
  • Other Open
    6531 West 64th Place Chicago, IL 60638, USA - Clearing
    Tree limbs too close to the house, dead spots to be cut. Dangerous to pedestrians.
  • 4019-4103 West 51st Street Chicago, Illinois - Archer Heights

    There are Multiple (Deep and Wide) Potholes on 51st Street between Karlov and Pulaski Road. These Potholes are DEEP. WIDE and MULTIPLE.

    All Potholes are in the East bound lane and can be found in both the Traffic Lane and at the Curb. They run the length of 51st Street from Karlov to Pulaski Road.

  • 3608 W 55th St CHICAGO, IL, 60632 - West Elsdon
  • Tree Debris Archived
    6349 South Narragansett Avenue Chicago, IL 60638, USA - Clearing
  • Disturbance Archived
    59th & Normandy chicago, il - Garfield Ridge

    There are several teenagers hanging out in front of a home drunk, yelling very loudly, acting completely out of line. I'm almost certain there is underage drinking going on there and this is not the first occurrence.

    Reported from my mobile device

  • 3643 W 55th St CHICAGO, IL, 60632 - West Elsdon
  • Mice/Rats Archived
    5111 S Mobile Ave Chicago, IL - Garfield Ridge
    Mice/Rats in alley
  • 5441 S Elsdon Ave - West Elsdon
  • 5500 S Central Park Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60629 - West Elsdon
  • 7101-7131 South Archer Avenue Chicago, IL 60638, USA - Garfield Ridge
  • 7151 W Archer Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60638 - Garfield Ridge