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  • No Heat Open
    1888 Pacific St Brooklyn, NY 11233, USA - City Council District 37
    This is my husband and myself second year living at this address. There is no heat on our side of the 3 story building during the winter months. The landlord is Matthew Mitchelle he is also the super. I have been reporting the problem to 311 every 2 weeks since October 2009. The City sent officers out twice on both times the landlord received a vialation. However, we still have no heat.
  • 1-31 De Sales Place Brooklyn, New York - Bushwick
    Property is covered in trash, dumping, dog feces. Property's weeds are halfway into the street. There are piles of soiled clothes on the sidewalk.
  • Covert Street & Central Ave - Bushwick
    Also up the street towards evergreen, blacktop job poorly done, so driving can be very dangerous for car tires.
  • 296 Stanhope St Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Bushwick
    landlord decided NOW 2 have heating system checked not providing adequate heat and hot water to tenants.
  • 558 Lexington Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11221, USA - Bushwick
    There is always an issue with heat and hot water in this building. One day we may get some type of heat but not enough to heat the apartment, other days no heat. The same goes for hot water. It was mentioned to the landlord that a new water heater was needed but it was never replaced. Always cold in the building and you have to guess which day you're going to get hot water. The water pressure is extremely low as well. Just disgusting that he can get away with this.
  • 289 Harman St Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Bushwick
  • 109 Christopher Ave 17A Brooklyn, NY 11212, USA - Brownsville
    It's been 2 Days ,I have call 3 times
    to 311,NO hot water , I'm on Disability and need to wash before the aide leaves.
    I called the 24/7 hot line 311 i called and was told no help till Tuesday.That's not good , i can now get an infection , i can boil water but still have to rinse, this is not healthy for me for i can burn myself.
  • 351 Onderdonk Ave. #2a. Ridgewood, NY 11385 - Bushwick
    Reported to Landlord and 311 and still no results. Have 3 small children and 2 are currently sick. Absolutly no hot water or heat. Want this taking care of ASAP being that I have small children whom are already sick due to the circumstances. If I still don't get results my next step would be to notify Help Me Howard. This is a very serious matter especially when children are involved.
  • 345 Eldert St Brooklyn, NY - Bushwick
    The mail room doesn't have a slot for outgoing mail
  • 1411 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Bushwick
    Graffiti on sign near the entrance to the manhattan-bound platform (knickerbocker ave M station) makes the readout difficult to read.
  • 42 Georgia Avenue Brooklyn, New York - Brownsville
    The yellow truck sign needs fixing or replacing
  • 56 Bradford St Albany, NY - City Council District 37
    Residence does not have an ROP and would not pass if it were inspected as there is no 2 means of egress for the 2nd floor apartment. Current tenants' garbage is being dumped in the basement access of this building. Overfull garbage cans are stored in front of the building. Tenant has an unlicensed dog. Dog does its business on the sidewalk and tenant does not clean up after said dog. Have attempted to address issues directly with property owner but he does not respond.