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  • 12 Hillside Avenue Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    Water and ice constantly streaming out onto Revere Beach Parkway. Caused a big accident this morning. When will the city shut this property down? The owner of this property needs to be accountable for the mess that they have made there including the mess of dried cement on the opposite side of his property where the street sign "used to be".
  • Water Related Archived
    1-71 Elmwood Ave Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
    Pool of dirty water
  • Argyle Street Revere, MA - Revere
    Please bait the two city owned lots on Argyle Street, they are infested with rats.
  • Storm Water Archived
    79 Sagamore St Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    Rain has stopped but street, yard, driveway remains deeply flooded because storm drains which City is very aware of remains blatantly non-addressed while residents suffer financial losses due to this ongoing issue!!! This street no must have been dug up and re-tarred a minimum of 8 times this summer all at taxpayers dimes for water pipes issues, bandages over bandaids never truly resolving the real problem! 8 times, dug up and re-tarred and look at this photo!!! Penny wise and dollar foolish!!! Keep building Apartments and having ice cream parties Mayor, the next Mayor will get this one! Just thought I'd let everyone know how many time contractors (not DPW) ripped up and re-tarred one street this past summer and improved nothing!!!
  • Other Archived
    624 Winthrop Avenue Revere Massachusetts - East Boston

    I wrote about this issue in January 2016 with post #2181908. I am not sure if any progress has been made.

    Since we have a shopping mall on Furlong Drive it would be a great help to many people if the 119 bus could stop at Stop & Shop before it makes the Beachmont Loop. In a perfect world it would be nice if the 119 bus could stop at the Furlong Drive mall in both directions, but at the least stop on it's return to Beachmont to pick up people who have done their food shopping at Stop & Shop and are returning to their homes in Beachmont. It would be a great help for people who live in Beachmont when they are carrying home their groceries. Especially in the winter when the streets and sidewalks are covered in ice and snow. So anything that could be done on this is appreciated.

    Obviously, it would add a couple of minutes to the bus route and the route times would have to be adjusted but I think it is worth the effort. Thank you.

  • POTHOLES Archived
    1015 Revere Beach Parkway Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    There are 3 deep pot holes at the Shopping Center exit to Parkway. They keep getting bigger every time it rains.
  • Storm Water Archived
    91 Sagamore St Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
  • 57 Oak Island St Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    Section 8 tenant on third floor renting out eight rooms at $100.00 per week each. Drug dealing from apartment...multiple needles found in font and around building. Right next to a park. Tenants well known to police. Fix it!!!!
  • 69-99 Bosson Street Revere, Massachusetts - Revere

    Trucks are now emptying dirt from the land behind 5 Burnham St.

    They are traveling down Hastings St and using Bosson St to reach Revere St.

    They have damaged grass, the pavement, have driven over sidewalks and are leaving a trail of dirt behind as they drive through these residential areas.

    Does the city have a plan to repave, clean & repair these streets or can we hold the contractors responsible for the mess they're making?

    Thank you.

  • 12 Lowell St. Revere Massachusetts - Revere

    This backyard has been neglected for years according to the neighbors surrounding this property and is causing an increase in rodent activity.

    This is a 3-4 unit house with an absentee landlord that does not take care of this part of the property.

    The pool needs to be covered properly to avoid any additional problems.

    Thank you.

  • 91 Olive St Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
    My bill since getting new meter has skyrocketed went to city hall they agreed something was going on, gave me color tabs to put in toilets nothing told me to call after I did test now saying get a plumber nothing we can do but you definitely have something wrong, I asked what next step was said we would have to send someone out but we are into December and I said ok can I set something up said NO.
  • York Street Revere, Massachusetts - Revere

    Corner of York Street and Ellerton Street. Hugh portion of the street was dug up by the City AND never repaved. The hole gets larger each day.

    Request to return to the scene and properly repave so there isn't danger of passing by this very large hole in the street.