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  • 315 West 103rd Street New York, NY - Upper West Side

    Construction at 315 West 103rd Street is seemingly in violation of NY building code. Plus, the owner falsely claimed that the building was vacant in his application to the Department of Buildings.

    We call on the DOB to order the removal of this allegedly illegal addition at once.

    See WSJ article http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703302604575294741665007702.html

    Please help spread the word and get others to click "I want this fixed too" and to "Subscribe to all comments by email" so everyone can stay informed.

    Also, sign petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/illegaluwsconstruction.

  • 1-11 Morningside Ave New York, NY 10026, USA - Morningside Heights
    As the summer season draws near, my neighbors and I will be bombarded with fumes from the barbecuing in the narrowest area of the park. In the height of last summer, my apartment was filled with smoke. I urge the parks dept to move the barbecuing to an area of the park that is wider and has less of an environmental impact to residents living closest to the park.
  • 315 W 103 St New York, NY - Upper West Side

    The DOT just renewed the permit for a generator to be left on the street in front of 315 West 103rd Street based on a DOB permit that was revoked six months ago in July '09.

    This new DOT permit (#M022009363306) should be revoked immediately.

  • 16 Morningside Ave new York, NY - Morningside Heights
    Today beginning at around 6 PM, a group of a dozen or so older adolescents began riding motor bikes up and down Morningside Avenue between 123rd Street and 116th Street. They did not wear helmets, they had no license plates. They rode at very, very high speeds, did "wheelies," and one of them rode on the sidewalk at several points. They disturbed everyone around with their noise and prevented people from enjoying the park. The police were not in evidence for reasons that I do not understand. This went on for around forty-five minutes.
  • 90 Morningside Avenue New York, NY 10027, USA - Morningside Heights

    The ice cream truck blares its jingle non-stop for hours on end, including when it is parked.

    This is illegal and should be stopped. No other business blares its advertisements over the neighborhood!

    The truck's information:

    Mister Softer

    License plate: 82921 JZ / New York

    Call 311 next time he's out there for hours!

  • 7th Ave & 115th St New York, NY - Harlem
    My wife and I were riding north on 7th Avenue, in the left lane in preparation for a left turn on 116th St. A police car came up behind us and announced through the loudspeaker, "Get in the bike lane. Ride in the bike lane, not the traffic lanes." I signaled a left turn and the officer seemed to get it. He may have also noticed the numerous vehicles (including a police car) parked in the bike lane. Clearly the NYPD still does not understand NYC traffic laws.
  • 18 Morningside Avenue - Morningside Heights

    Park Barbecuing is ruining Morningside Park, namely:

    · Hot coals being discarded next to trees

    · Massive increase in garbage and debris

    · Not enough instructional signs or enforcement of rules

    · Impact to eco-system of pond by garbage, coals and debris

    · Health issue being posed by rodents feeding on discarded food and garbage.

  • 6 Morningside Ave New York, NY 10026, USA - Morningside Heights
    The ladders used for an ice rescue have been removed from their correct location and are lying in the pond
  • 18 Morningside Ave New York, NY 10026, USA - Morningside Heights
    This morning I was walking in the park, and I realize how durty the park was with all the trash spread all over the ground! It's a shame that people don't have more respect to the enviromnent where we are living!
    Why are we allowing barbecuing knowing it will destroy the park and increase its budget to hire the personal to clean after. Will it be more intellignet to spend this money on re-planting where it needs?
    But more importantly, I saw this morning empty bottles of liquor and plenty of empty cans of beers. I thought alchool was forbitten in the park? Why don't we re-inforce the rules in this park? I see police car and park official drinving by but none of them are saying anything. What's wrong with it? Are we in a no men law area? Last night i came back at 10:30pm at home, and there were right front of our building a group of barbercue lovers enjoying the evening with their music at lound. Again I though the park was closing after 10:00pm and also I though the loud speakers were forebiden.
    I'm wondering what's coming next?
  • trash, non working equipment, bathrooms, lights, etc.
  • 55-99 Morningside Dr New York, NY 10025, USA - Morningside Heights
    We need to start to be proactive about managing this before summer arrives. The garbage, noise and smoke is an issue for park users.
  • 34 Morningside Ave Manhattan, NY 10026, USA - Morningside Heights
    Several park employees spent over an hour standing in the restroom/swing set area yelling at each other and venting about other things. Not only was it highly unprofessional, they also wasted copious amounts of time, and were quite disruptive of the peace and quiet of the area. Are they getting paid???