Alderman Margaret Laurino

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Notified About

  • 3417 W Ainslie St Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
  • 3648 W. Ainslie St. Chicago, IL - Albany Park
    Sewer in alley just east of 3650-3648 W. Ainslie St is slow. The alley floods almost every time it rains.
  • 4953 N Kimball Ave Chicago, IL 60625 - Albany Park
    Facing both Kimball and Argyle. Familia Stones dissing Latin Kings
  • 3607 West Foster Avenue Chicago, Illinois - North Park
    pot hole growing larger by the day, street around that area starting to show more.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged
    3707 W Ainslie St Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Albany Park
    This car sat in its previous parking spot for three months. It had to be jumped in order to be moved days before being towed. It has sat in the same parking spot since for the last month.
  • 5000 N Bernard St Chicago, IL 60625, USA - North Park
  • 3600 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL - North Park
    Large pothole at Foster entrance to Northeastern Illinois University.
  • 5001 N Bernard St Chicago, IL 60625, USA - North Park
    pink tag on the bridge
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    4931 N. Monticello Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Please remove graffiti from this address. Also, how do we report trucks parked in alley all night. There are business trucks parked back behind Central Park and Monticello in the 4900 block all of the time.
  • Gang tags Archived
    3740-3742 W Ainslie St Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Big mess-- pitchforks, SGD, 5s, some initials
  • 5332 North Spaulding Avenue Chicago Illinois - North Park
    Lightning hit the tree in front of my house 7/24 and the street lights on the whole block are out on Spaulding between Berwyn and Balmoral. The alderman's office was made aware by a number of neighbors. On Sunday. It's Thursday 7/28.
  • 3536 W Ainslie St Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    This building is has been an active target for gang graffiti.