City of Rossland

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This is the area of the City of Rossland. Highway issues will be reported to the Ministry of Transportation.

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  • British Columbia 3b Rossland, BC - Rossland
    It's really great that there is a garbage can at the tunnel, but not many people know that it's there! It would be great if you could put a sign inside the edge of the tunnel to show people traveling in either direction that a garbage can exists there.
  • Intersection Of Washington And Columbia Rossland - Rossland
    The manhole in the middle of the intersection is a real pain, you need to swerve to avoid it and it is right before the crosswalk
  • Spokane Street Between Columbia Ave And First Ave Rossland - Rossland
    Lots of potholes on Spokane Street between Columbia Ave and First
  • 2125-2191 Leroi Ave Rossland, BC V0G 1Y0, Canada - Rossland
    water shut off on July 21st without notification - how long will it be off for? Would have been nice to know about this prior to having a shower with no water to wash the @#$% soap out of my eyes and shampoo out of my hair....
  • Pot Hole Archived
    1810 Leroi Ave - Rossland
    There is a (big) pot hole right where people need to drive to get out of the Spokane to Leroi Ave connector (Kootenay Ave A) just below Leroi. It needs be patched before the snow starts to fall. A patch was attempted last year but it failed by the summer; I think it is time to cut out a slightly bigger area and repave if possible.
  • 1197 Davis Rossland, BC - Rossland
    Plug Culvert under street 1197 Davis 1201 Davis