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  • 527 W 160th St New York, NY 10032, USA - City Council District 10
    I moved on April last year and hot water is hardly available and when I have it is for a few minutes now that is winter is even worst, I spoke to the board and their solution to all this is that on the side of my apt the whole line has issues w the pipes/boiler now they kindly advise me that I'm more than welcome to knock on their doors and I should be able to take a shower, their apt are in other side of the building where hot water and heat is available 24 hrs. Now after calling 333 I assume they had visit the building check and if they visited the line with heat/hot water complaints are dismiss.
  • 4910 Broadway New York, NY 10034, USA - Inwood
    This store does not have the required labels on many of its products or even on the shelves above/below the products. It is difficult to comparison shop and I think it is illegal.
  • 643 W. 172nd St. New York, NY - City Council District 10

    New York is drenched in unnecessary honking, but in Washington Heights the problem is simply unbearable. Since the neighborhood is served by very few yellow cabs, hundreds of gypsy cabs ply the streets and honk whenever they see someone standing on the sidewalk to get their attention. This is a poor business practice and a non-stop, round-the-clock source of noise that seems to penetrate into every apartment in the neighborhood.

    Aside from gypsy cabs, many motorists in the neighborhood are in the habit of pulling up outside someone's apartment and using their car horn as a doorbell. This is gratuitous and very unfair. There is no need to announce your arrival to every single person on the street and bludgeon their ears with your car horn. Traffic citations should be issued for this practice.

    The third vector of the honking plague is simply motorist anger, aggression, and impatience. Hesitating for more than a nanosecond at a green light, attempting to change lanes, double parking for 2 seconds to drop someone off, etc., etc., are all occasion for you, and everyone within earshot, to endure a vicious aural assault. This of course happens throughout the city, but in a honking hotspot like Washington Heights, it really adds insult to injury.

    Excessive noise is more than a nuisance, particularly when it drifts in through windows and walls into your home. It has been associated with increased blood pressure, difficulty focusing on and completing tasks, and a sense of hopelessness. To say nothing of its effect on sleep. According to the NY Times, the city has anti honking ordinance, but it is not enforced:


    In tonier neighborhoods, there are signs warning of fines for unlawful honking. I'm not implying that these signs are actually observed, but at least they have some sort of calming effect in nice neighborhoods. But in poor areas like Washington Heights, already under stress from a host of other social problems, unmitigated honking has reached an absolutely intolerable level.

    Cynics will scoff at any serious effort to curb honking in NY City. Others will even embrace honking as an indelible part of NY's distinctive urban fabric. I disagree. I think honking can and should be muzzled. I consider it a public health issue, not merely a quality of life issue. If you agree that a campaign should be waged against honking, vote for this issue on SCF.

    Speaking more generally, if NY City wants to take itself seriously as a pedestrian and transit-oriented town, instead of continuing to kowtow to the automobile, then motorists need to know that if they're driving through the city they need to treat it with respect (this also applies to the reckless speeding and maneuvering that is pandemic in NYC).

  • No Heat Open
    587 W 177 St New York, NY 10033 - City Council District 10
    No Heat
  • NO HEAT Archived
    651 West 188th Street Manhattan, NY - City Council District 10
    I have no heat in my apt. all night long. I occasionally have heat 6am-7am and that's it. I've called 311 for the past year, with no results. They told me I could take time off from work and sue the landlord. Are they kidding?
  • 5189 Broadway New York, NY 10034, USA - Inwood
    The handle just needs to be fixed.
  • Washington Bridge Manhattan, NY 10034, USA - City Council District 10
    The walkways on both sides of the Washington (181st St) Bridge are too narrow for two people to pass each other comfortably, much less bicycle across safely. Someone walking a bicycle takes up the entire sidewalk and has no room to pass someone coming in the opposite direction. With speeding traffic on one side and a jagged railing on the other, this bridge is an unpleasant and unsafe way to cross the river. The bridge is wide enough to allot more space to pedestrians and cyclists, and the approaches at either end need to be made more intuitive and less secluded.
  • 225 Bennett Ave New York, NY 10040 - City Council District 10
    There is no heat/hot water in our entire building. Super seems unconcerned and no estimate of repair time is given.
  • 29-45 Sickles St - City Council District 10
    Since 7PM 2/13/2014. Building-wide.
  • 647 W. 174th Street New York, NY - City Council District 10
    Young tenants in 2D play excessively loud music and bass every weekend (and sometime during the week) and refuse to turn it down even after requests from other tenants, super, and landlord.
  • 4 South Pinehurst Avenue New York, NY - City Council District 10
    It seems that folks don't like to or don't know how to curb their dogs.
  • Trans-Manhattan Expressway New York, NY 10033, USA - City Council District 10