Alderman Anthony Beale

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  • Tree Debris Archived
    700-722 E 114th St Chicago, IL 60628, USA - Pullman
    Fly dumping landscape waste at east dead end of 114th. Partially blocking alley
  • E 112th St Chicago, IL - Pullman
    For years the Buffalo boxes were leaking, there was 4 now only one gets turned on, and that one has had horses around it for months now - The sewer or water department is supposedly going to fix it when... Hope to get fixed before it starts to freeze and we have a little ice rink there. Actual address of Arcade Park is 11132-56 S. St. Lawrence Ave. Buffalo Box that has horse around it is on South Side of Park, Would like to get the West side of park Buffalo box and north Side of park repaired as well, so our Garden club can start to use the water again to water their planters.
  • 111th And Cottage Chicago, IL - Roseland
    lights out from 109th to 111th East and west side of Cottage, 111th to 115th West Side of Cottage, 111th from Cottage to Ellis, Forrestville - mid 112th to mid 113th, St Lawrence 114th to 115th - Vehicles break ins has rose dramatically since half the neighborhood is in Darkness - These have all been reported to 311 and also CDOT - some of the SR#'s are 11-03150461 , 11-03378777, 11-03619408, 11-03665650, 11-03804366, 11-03828472
  • 628 E. 115th Street Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 9
    someone attempted to fix this a few weeks ago but it is caving in again.
  • 11127 S Langley Ave Chicago, Illinois - Pullman
    Weeds in excess of 12 inches tall.
  • Gang graffiti Archived
    11357 S Champlain Ave. - Pullman
    Gang graffiti on the one way sign
  • Tree Debris Archived
    526-598 E 113th St Chicago, Illinois - Pullman
  • 10411 S Corliss Ave CHICAGO, IL 60628 - Pullman
  • 526-598 E 113th St Chicago, Illinois - Pullman
    Tree damage in parkway of 113th by Pullman Elementary
  • 11333 South Champlain Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Pullman
    mid block 113th to 114th and 114th langley to champlain, all out.... and the street lights are flashing on 114th and Champlain.
  • 10911-10925 S Cottage Grove Ave Chicago, Illinois - Roseland
  • 11143 S. Champlain Avenue Chicago, IL - Pullman
    Grass (Weeds) in Back yard - well over 2 feet high - Garage has a huge hole in the roof open to elements very hazadous Should be torn down