Martinez City Council

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  • 4942-4992 Pacheco Blvd Martinez, CA 94553, USA - Martinez
    When turning left onto Pacheco from Arnold, there are large potholes in the middle of the street.
  • Arnold Drive At Corner Of Pacheco Martinez, CA - Martinez
    Street destroyed. Major holes in a small area. Very destructive to cars. Cannot turn at a correct speed due to having to drive so slowly through the area to avoid damage.
  • 150 Glendora Dr Martinez, CA 94553, USA - Martinez
  • 4851 Tahoe Cir Martinez, CA 94553, USA - Martinez
    Pothole a few inches deep and about 12 inches in diameter on popular neighbor road
  • Milano Way Martinez, CA - Martinez
    Light is mostly out but comes on occasionally
  • Test Archived
    649 Main Street Martinez, CA 94553, USA - Martinez
    This is just a test
  • Vine Hill Way Between Center Ave And Muir Road Martinez, California - Martinez
    The condition of the pavement on Vine Hill Way between Center Ave and Muir Road continues to deteriorate. Please repair.
  • Toulumne Avenue Martinez, California - Martinez
    Street light out on pole #1163 on Tuolumne Avenue
  • C Street East Of Alhambra Ave Martinez, CA - Martinez
    Needs to have pavement (what little is left) replaced and curbs installed. Sidewalks needed if room.
  • Medford Ct Martinez, California - Martinez
    The streetlight at the top of the court by my house address is intermittent. When it does work it is only on for a short time and then goes out...Please repair this light.
  • 2860 Howe Road Martinez, CA 94553, USA - Martinez
    Tires, broken glass and dead animal dumped by side of road at Franklin Canyon and Cummings Skyway SE side.
  • Paving Archived
    Paradise Dr & Rolling Hill Way Between Vine Hill Way And Morello Ave Martinez, California - Martinez
    neighborhood streets need to be repaved.