Hudson Valley Potholes

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  • Wurts St Bridge Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Can someone work on addressing the issue of the Connelly Bridge. Its such an eye sore. Not to mention the fact that cars heading south have to vere into the north lane to avoid hitting all the potholes and getting yanked tords the side of the bridge. A few years ago i contacted the NYS Bridge Auth. They told me that the brigde is one of theirs. Another note, if you were to walk under that bridge and look up. You can see massive sections of concrete missing. The city is apending all this money to redo the Rondout area,Lighting,Walkway,Docks. Whats going to happen when a piece of that bridge falls on a car or worse yet someone!!!! Can somebody look into this issue finally!
  • Potholes Archived
    16 Hurley Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Huge multiple potholes at intersection of Hurley Ave. and 'Washington Ave. Kingston,
  • 294-382 Boices Ln Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster

    The rightmost lane of Boices Lane westbound has been crumbling for years. It periodically gets patched, but it quickly turns back into a washboard surface.

    Drivers trying to avoid this often straddle the lanes, sometimes unexpectedly, causing a traffic hazard.

    Boices Lane is marked as a county highway. The County should perform roadbed repairs and repave this stretch. The patch jobs aren't working. Stop wasting money on pothole patches and fix the underlying problem!

  • 451-453 Washington Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    The potholes at the intersection of Hurley and Washington avenues and Schwenk Drive are way too big to be ignored. They're right in the middle of the street and are a deadly threat to all vehicle suspensions everywhere.
  • Maiden Lane Between Fair And Clinton - Kingston
    Maiden Lane, between Fair and Clinton, is full of deep and treacherous potholes. The street needs repair ASAP as it is a dangerous menace to the safety of trafiic.
  • 39 Leggs Mills Rd Lake Katrine, NY 12449, USA - Lake Katrine
    Large potholes along the edge of the road at the turn-in for 39 Leggs Mill Rd.
  • Route 44/55 Highland, NY 12528, USA - Ulster County
    There are several potholes (some quite deep) on 44/55 as you drive past Rocking Horse Ranch.
  • 505 Washington Ave Kingston, NY 12401 - Kingston
    There are major potholes around the rails on the railroad tracks on Washington Ave. by Holiday Inn.
  • 500-510 State Highway 55 Highland, NY 12528, USA - Ulster County
    Potholes, sides of road worn away (EB/WB), with road flooding (poor to no road drainage).
    This goes from Baileys Gap Road to Rocking Horse Ranch.
    Use EXTREME caution in either direction.
  • Flatbush Ave. Btwn. Foxhall & Albany. Kingston, NY - Kingston
    There are crater sized potholes in the lane going toward Albany Avenue on Flatbush Ave.
  • Horrible Road Archived
    Mountain Rd Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520 - Cornwall-on-Hudson
    Driving both North/South Bound on Mountain Road is horrible. The road needs serious repair because of the potholes and crumbling of road.
  • 116-212 E Strand St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Now the re paved by the sewage plan down till Tompkins st. but left and nice chunk on the side of the road all the way untouched. MAKES NO SINCE!!!!!!!!(Pothole from trolley museum all the way down to Millens scrap yard)