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  • Treadwell Lane Weston, CT 06883, USA - Weston
    There are numerous, wide and deep potholes on upper Treadwell. These are filled many times a year (perhaps a dozen or more!), but filling does no good as soon as water collects in them and freezes. The result is giant puddles full of broken asphalt which are flung into the air with each passing car. There are at least three of these puddles, each measuring approximately ten feet long and five feet wide. They are so large that they obscure the roadway and one of them is situated in front of my driveway (86 Treadwell). When it rains a lot, the water collects there, nearly to the point of preventing me from entering. Each summer, nearby repaving efforts (Steep Hill and Davis Hill) fail to address the potholes of Treadwell Lane which are the worst I've seen in Weston. TNT is launching a new reality show titled "The Potholes of Treadwell Lane" ... it is time to get this road repaired once and for all. Please, no more cheap fixes that don't work!
  • Road? Archived
    Cavalry Road To The North Of The High Acre Intersection - Weston
    This sectionof road that is shared by Weston and Wilton has been a dangerous pot filled drive for years. Please find a way to have it repaved not patched for the umteenth time.
  • Newtown Turnpike - Weston
    The entire roadway from the split at 53/57 to the Reservoir needs to be fixed. There are terrible potholes and the road is raising up which could cause damage to vehicles.
  • 2-44 November Trail Weston, CT 06883, USA - Weston
    Our road is like a kiddie roller coaster, the entire road is an up and down ride with many potholes and cracks. November Trail should be replaced, not repaired like so many times in the past.
  • Weston Town Center Weston CT 06883, USA - Weston
    Fix the potholes before a customer damages their car!
  • pot holes Archived
    115-127 Godfrey Rd Weston, CT 06883, USA - Weston
    as you turn onto Godfrey Road East from Weston road there are many potholes and chopped up road. This continues a few feet onto Godfrey East.
  • 358-394 Georgetown Rd Weston, CT 06883, USA - Weston
    Safety issue with simple fix: When making a left from Calvin onto Georgetown, it is extremely difficult to see if anyone is coming from the right. A mirror placed on a tree on Georgetown across from Calvin would be a very simple fix.
  • 300-326 Georgetown Rd Weston, CT 06883, USA - Weston
    many potholes, all sizes, uneven pavement from hillside road norht up september and down november trail. needs to be paved so it is even.
  • 44-332 Cannondale Rd Weston, CT 06883, USA - Weston
    Although a stop sign is already in place coming from Honey Hill Rd., The intersection of Cannondale Rd. and Honey Hill Rd. is a dangerous blind curve that many drivers take at excessive speeds leading them to cross into other lanes.
  • 27-39 Cartbridge Rd Weston, CT 06883, USA - Weston
    Can we find out who the owner is (who's responsible)for the abandoned garage that collapsed in February? This is a huge eyesore on this road, a potential hazard and connected to the Nature Conservancy area run off.
  • 19 Cavalry Hill Road - Weston
    This short connector has been reported before but neither town wants to take ownership. All the neighbors etc just want to have in repaved and do not want to get into which town has ownership. We have had flat tires etc over the years because of holes etc.
  • 1-99 Twin Oak Ln Weston, CT 06883, USA - Weston
    The street sign on corner of Twin Oak Lane and Old Weston Road is of the old variety. Is black so it cannot be seen at night. Need it replaced with green version (as all others were done in Weston). Thanks