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  • 8 Veatch Street - Wappingers Falls
    I own the house on the corner of Veatch and Paggi, opposite the WFJrH football field. I welcome the sports teams that have daily practices, and enjoy the spirit and hard work of both children and coaches. However, I find the parking signs in the neighborhood, particularly the last block of Veatch St., are routinely and consistently ignored. This seems to be a hazard, especially at the end of practice or games when there are crowds leaving and the roads are constricted. Moreover, there seems to be little attempt by police patrols to enforce the parking laws. I would welcome some warnings and/or ticketing of cars if warnings have no effect so that the parking signs are obeyed. Finally, there is parking on the grass upper field near the Jr. High, which seems to me to be dangerous at night as it is poorly lit and parking is unregulated. I think the village and school disctrict might consider the liability risk should a vehicle/pedestrian accident occur.
  • 48 S Remsen Ave Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, USA - Wappingers Falls
    This road is a disaster from the end of the first block at Prospect Street to it's end at the gates to the school
  • Lights Out Archived
    Market Street at East Main Street, Wappingers Falls, NY - Wappingers Falls
    There are 8 lights on the bridge going over the falls on Route 9D in in the Village of Wappingers Falls. Only 3 3 of 8 are lit. Please replace the bulbs.
  • Wenliss Terrace And Route 9 South Wappingers Falls, NY - Wappingers Falls
    There are presently signs posted here but they are ridiculously posted very near the intersection with Route 9. These signs need to be moved back at least 25 feet into Wenliss Terrace to prevent cars from parking near the intersection and causing cars to go around them posing a potential for an accident with cars entering Wenliss Terrace.
  • pothole Archived
    4 Marshall Rd Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, USA - Wappingers Falls
    at the stop sign when leaving DMV towards Myers Corners Rd there is a huge pothole. It is very deep and should be addressed. This issue was fixed before but is again a huge and deep pothole
  • Sheafe Rd Approaching Delavergne Ave. Wappingers Falls, NY, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, USA - Wappingers Falls
    South lane of Sheafe Road has a large pot hole approaching Delavergne ave. and also making the turn from Sheafe Rd onto Delavergne Ave. both the east and west lanes have large pot holes
  • 1671-1691 Albany Post Road Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, USA - Wappingers Falls
    Rt lane ends. People in rt go through intersection then yield almost causing accidents. They're supposed to merge left before intersection.
  • 68-128 Nelson Avenue Wappingers Falls, New York - Wappingers Falls
    All along Nelson Ave there are multiple potholes. Really hard to avoid them.
  • Route 9d And Hughsonville Road Wappingers falls/dutchess county, New York - Wappingers Falls
    The light crossing 9d from hughsonville road is horrible. It's already congested because of the train station commuters but it doesn't help that when the light turns green to cross over 9d, it stays green for about 15 seconds. It takes over 10 minutes most nights to get across this intersection. Please fix it!!!
  • 1668 Route 9 & Scenic Dr Wappingers Falls, New York - Wappingers Falls
    Southbound left arrow light doesn't work. Spend 10 minutes waiting for light change. We've got problem after a road removal in this area.
  • 1570-1574 Albany Post Road Wappingers Falls, New York - Wappingers Falls
  • Route 9 And Mesier Ave. wappingers falls, New York - Wappingers Falls
    The light on 9 at Mesier Ave. will turn red at all hours, even when there's no traffic waiting at the intersection.