Baltimore City Department of Public Works

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Watching issues created after: 2010-04-08

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  • 2801 Hawkins Point Road Baltimore, Maryland - Glen-Fallstaff Area
    Water leaking to surface for weeks. Looks like might be same issue from last but on the other side of the street. But more water this time.
  • 6300 Walther Ave Baltimore, MD - Hamilton Area
    The many years old (unused) bathroom/recreation bldg is being used by vagrants, drug dealers, others for urinating on/behind, selling drugs behind, having sex behind, sleeping behind and vandalism. It is a place for bad people with bad intentions to hide and do bad things. Several residents have proposed to different city officials to tear it down. Please demolish this building as it's deemed useless, and the rats/bats it also houses are also getting bad.
  • 2210 Sulgrave Avenue Baltimore (Mt. Washington), MD - Greater Mount Washington
    The playground across the street from the Mt. Washington Elementary School on Sulgrave has a water fountain/water hose receptible. Neither works-kids can't get water and hose can't be used to water plants. Very bad!
  • 3601 Fort Armistead Rd Baltimore 21226, United States - Glen-Fallstaff Area
    Overgrown weeds and vegetation along fort armistead rd just past royal farms. Some of the grown creeps into the road. Lots of trash along fort armistead rd just before getting on the 695 exit.
  • 4035 Sixth Street Baltimore, MD - Brooklyn-Curtis Bay
    Grass is never cut. The windows are broken, and there is no paint/on wood. House needs repair. Trash is all over the back yard. Rodents are running wild.
  • Street light Archived
    S. Paca And W. Baltimore Baltimore, MD - Pigtown
    The street light is out on the corner of S. Paca Street and W. Baltimore Street
  • Fort Armistead Road - Glen-Fallstaff Area
    Major overgrowth into driving lane on fort armistead road near fort Smallwood rd. Also major overgrowth in the median.
  • 6010 Woodcrest Ave. Baltimore, MD 21209, USA - Cheswolde Area
    My next door neighbor has old junk, debris, rugs, trash stacked up behind his house in a residential neighborhood. We are noticing cats, rats around all this debris and trash. Also, occasionally he is burning mini fires in the backyard. I would think this would be against housing code.
  • 2251–2259 Hawkins Point Rd Baltimore 21226, United States - Glen-Fallstaff Area
    Crib mattress on side of road.
  • 6301 Pennington Ave Baltimore, MD 21226, USA - Baltimore city
    furniture trash in roadway NB
  • 17 W 24th St Baltimore‎ Maryland‎ 21218 United States - Charles Village
    There's graffiti on the wall here, visible as you drive down 24th street.