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  • E Madison St Petaluma, CA 94954 - Petaluma
    Too many potholes to count. The patches don't make it any better.
  • 617-623 Ely Blvd S Petaluma, CA 94954, USA - Petaluma
    There is a walking path that crosses Ely Blvd with a midspan pedestrian corral. Although there is a crosswalk and sign, there should be flashing lights when pedestrians enter the crosswalk as there are on other Petaluma midstreet crossings. The speed limit is 35mph and motorists need more warning before someone gets hurt.
  • 311 7th St Petaluma, CA 94952 - Petaluma
    7th Street between D and F may be in the worst condition of any street in Petaluma. We have street lights that are out too!
  • 313 Black Oak Dr Petaluma, CA 94952, USA - Petaluma

    Here we are at 7/24/2011 and it still isn't fixed. Does anyone at the Petaluma City Offices even see this report.

    Its 6/23/2011 and it still isn't fixed.

    As of 5/20/2011 the street light still has not been repaired.

    As of 5/5/2011 the street light is STILL out!

    The street light in front of 313 Black Oak Dr. Is not functioning and needs to be repaired. This needs to be done ASAP, as this is a very dangerous situation late at night along this curve without any other lights.
    Reported from my mobile device

  • Redwood Highway Petaluma, California - Petaluma

    The only pedestrian overpass that exists in Petaluma, spanning US 101 near the interchange of E. Washington St, links the neighborhood on the north side with the rest of the city. Now with the new stores across the freeway, the catwalk is much more useful than ever before. Unfortunately, it's become a hazard at daytime, and a prowler's paradise at night.

    I use this bridge to go to work at Target, and I can't stress enough its appalling condition. It is covered in graffiti (some potentially gang-related) and is littered with garbage, beer bottles and broken glass. These are obvious signs of loiterers taking their pleasure up here in the cover of darkness. Also, the overhead lights are not working, some of them shattered; they should be replaced with dimmable LED to make the catwalk safer at night. Even more perilous, the chain-link barrier encasing the bridge has holes at places, so someone can toss objects at the traffic below.

    I know that the catwalk is not city property, so I hope this report is relayed to Caltrans. Should the bridge be improved, not only will it help me, but also the residents who now rely on this crucial freeway crossing.

  • Huge pothole Archived
    1724 Clairmont Ct Petaluma, CA 94954, USA - Petaluma
    A famous Petaluma crater has developed at the end of Clairmont Ct. It has gotten worse since I took this picture
  • Petaluma Boulevard Between D St. And E St. Petaluma, California - Petaluma
    In spite of the fresh asphalt, there is a dangerous pot hole in the through lane going north on Petaluma Blvd. just before the light at D St! I hit it last night coming home from work and the impact was so severe and jarring that I thought I may have broken my axle. Some one is going to get hurt if this isn't fixed.
  • 1523-1599 Professional Drive Petaluma, California - Petaluma

    Pole no. K528

    If there's one thing the city of Petaluma didn't invest in, it's for broken LED street lamps, such as this one spotted on Professional Dr near the eastern terminus at Maria Dr. Only the outlines of the identification numbers are inscribed, so obviously new numerals are needed for this pole.

  • 2127-2131 Willow Drive Petaluma, California - Petaluma

    Pole no. K725

    Petaluma has embarked on a project to retrofit all streetlights within city limits with LED, and this location represents the third of 8 project zones that contractors from the DC Electric Group are covering. Well, a quick check of their progress shows that this street light was not replaced yet. I hope workers hadn't overlooked it, but just in case, I wanted to reported it in (I'm unsure if the high pressure sodium vapor lamp is working). The lamppost is veiled in a tree, so it might have been difficult to spot.

  • 49 Ely Rd N CA 94954 - Sonoma County
    RR track asphalt paving is buckling and cars are veering to the shoulder. Speeds are normally under 20mph to avoid damage
  • Corner Of Cherry And Petaluma Blvd. North - Petaluma
    Bush on NW corner blocks vision of southbound traffic on Petaluma Blvd
  • 1261 Sonoma Mountain Pkwy Petaluma, CA 94954 - Petaluma
    Yes, thanks for the "repairs" - Sonoma Mountain Pkwy between Washington and Rainier is now the worse road in Petaluma!