CITY OF HOUSTON - Skyscraper Shadows

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Skyscraper Shadows

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  • 9450-9498 Ballantine Street Houston, Texas - Southeast
    This problem area has been reported 2 to 3 time before, even before Harvey came to visit and nothing get done all I see case close. their litter and tires culvert clogged with litter and tires water can't flow and the city of Houston preachers don't give zika a fighting chance need to practice what it preachers
  • Pothole Archived
    9700 Monroe Blvd Houston, TX 77075, USA - Southeast
    pothole is getting really bad at the Corner of Monroe Blvd and Almeda Genoa Rd.
  • 8317 Tavenor Ln Houston 77075, United States - Southeast
    Fence posts indicating new fence construction past building line. (Solid fence shall not exceed towards the front property line.) Building setbacks in neighborhood 25’ft front per deed restrictions.
  • Other Acknowledged
    8100 Braniff Street Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Empty building standing for 5 years or more. Let me also mention that a police office was shot and kill at the same corner of Randolph and Braniff Street his Memorial is over grown with Vegetation
  • 9400 Wingtip Drive Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Street need to be repave from Jet Pilot Street all the way to Alameda Genoa with manhole way above street level and street cracking
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    9428 Cub Lane Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Mattress that I can see
  • Street Hazard Archived
    Wingtip Dr Houston, TX, 77075, USA - Southeast
    This problem was reported back in 01/05/2021 issue ID 9149157 and Service request ID 434234 all they did throw asphalt on top it its not a pot hole its sinking its located on the corner of Hickok and Wingtip and street in need of repaving and man hole need to be level with street and pot hole repair
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    10026 Ballantine St Houston, TX 77075, USA - Southeast
    heavy trash dumping
  • 8148–8198 Almeda-Genoa Rd Houston 77075, United States - Southeast
  • Other Archived
    9338 Randolph St Houston, TX 77075, USA - Southeast
    Loud roosters
  • Pothole Archived
    Randolph St Houston, TX, 77075, USA - Southeast
    Repair pot holes on Randolph street
  • Wingtip Dr Houston, TX, 77075, USA - Southeast
    Starting from the corner of Almeda Road and Wingtip going North all the way to Braniff Ave is in need of repave street is cracking some manhole are way above street level with pothole and sinking in some area.