14th Ave District

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  • San Antonio Part Tennis Courts Oakland, California - Rancho San Antonio
    PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS HOMELESS CAMP THAT IS GROWING BY THE WEEK. There is a middle school just across the street. Two elementary schools within two blocks. The men there are using the tennis courts as bathrooms, walking around without shirts. IT IS NOT OKAY!
  • 1199 12th Avenue Oakland California - East Peralta

    1-14-2016 Illegal dumping along 1199 12th Avenue Oakland Ca 94606

    It's blocking the whole sidewalk and my customer can not be able to walk thru. Some of the wheelchair people living around here can not be able to get out of the house. Please have the pickup ASAP, thank you

  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    1801-1837 E 12th St Oakland, CA 94606, USA - East Peralta
    Two homeless males smashed a car side window and broke into a car on 13th ave and east 22nd. Followed them to the homeless encampment on east 12th street and 16th Ave where they ducked into a tent. This place needs to be removed as it is causing crime to spread into the neighborhoods.
  • 1901 14th Ave Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Rancho San Antonio
    Bench is dilapidated. Dry rot makes it impossible to sit.
  • 1401 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94606, USA - East Peralta
    On commercial building. Has been covered in tags for years. Reported many times.
  • Decolonize Mural East 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94606, United States of America - East Peralta
  • 1300 E 8th St Oakland, CA 94606, USA - East Peralta
    Teal Chevy express van with no plates and flat front drivers side tire is abandoned at this location. Has not moved for months.
  • 1400-1498 Solano Way Oakland, CA 94606, USA - East Peralta
    Huge piles of trash from rapidly growing encampment on vacant lot across from businesses.
  • 1238 12th Ave Oakland, CA 94606, USA - East Peralta
    This building was the example about 8 years ago of the cities "fight" against graffiti, dumping and vandalism. It's worse now. Might be time for some arrests and jail time. It's already tough enough to live and do business here. Have the working and homeowners back please!
  • 1326 E 12th St Oakland, CA 94606, USA - East Peralta
    Homeless encampment in median
  • East 12th Street & 16th Avenue Oakland, California - East Peralta
    located on a busy street median behind Burger King. abandoned debris pile
  • 1631 E 12th St Oakland, CA 94606, USA - East Peralta
    A homeless camp has been built and it poses a serious traffic hazard. A large homeless camp has been established and some of the tenants have built a tree house. They produce a large amount of trash on a daily basis. They leave this trash on the sidewalk and it also ends up in the street. At night time they walk back and forth across the street which poses a hazard for motorist and risk a serious potential of an accident. Something needs to be done about this homeless camp and the trash that is produced because of it.