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  • 2600-3250 Michigan 59 Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    It is almost deadly sometimes how the entrance ramps and exts for I75 and M59 are set up. Potential fatal accidents waiting to happen
  • Bridge Open
    University Dr. Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    The University Bridge over I-75 has nearly a speed bump on each side. If you go over the bridge at any speed over 25, your car gets jarred and some cars bottom out.
  • I-75 & University - Auburn Hills
    Fix pavement on University over I75. Pavement so bad it's worst then a speed bump going both ways.
  • University Drive Bridge Over I75 Auburn Hills, MI - Auburn Hills
    On west bound University over I75 you cannot even go in the right lane because of the major pot holes. Very dangerouse
  • Potholes Archived
    2597-2705 South Boulevard Auburn Hills, Michigan - Auburn Hills
    Potholes on the north side of South Blvd. near /Callahan's Music Hall between 75 and Opdyke.
  • fireworks Archived
    2700 Shimmons #117 Auburn Hills, MI - Auburn Hills
    air exploding fireworks Feb 8 , 2014 at like 1 AM
  • Corner Of Walton And Lapeer Rd - Auburn Hills
    This traffic light frequently allows only one or two cars through on Walton while staying green for unusually long periods on Lapeer. Traffic is generally MUCH heavier on Walton than Lapeer. It usually happens at night, possibly related to expected traffic from the Palace but often happens when there is NO Palace traffic whatsoever.
  • 2067-2131 University Dr Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    There are horrible potholes every two feet on westbound University. The worst area is from Opdyke to Bay, but the potholes continue all the way to the Woodward loop in Pontiac. Every seam in the cement is cracked, leaving huge gaps in the road. This needs to be repaired ASAP.
  • 4364-4954 Baldwin Rd Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    North bound ramp to 75 has a pot hole that an SUV tire fits into. Needs to be patched as soon as possible.
  • 2800-2856 Interstate 75 Business Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    When on Opdyke before stop light at walton there is huge raised bumps. Same with getting back on 24 from perry or opdyke, huge bumps going around corner. Exactly like speed bumps
  • 3960 Baldwin Road Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    Baldwin Rd (BOTH SIDES - NORTH AND SOUTH BOUND) at I-75 and entering Great Lakes Crossing mall.
  • 3563-3599 Joslyn Rd Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    Road Commission, please patch the Pothole rumble strips between Collier and I-75 on Joslyn. These have been patched for years, and need to be cut out and fix properly with cement instead of blacktop patch. These are lane wide and are growing wider and deeper with every large snowfall or rainfall.